Michael Salla: Did the US use Time Travel to win WWII?

Did the US use Time Travel to win WWII?

Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

According to the legendary Montauk Project whistleblower, Al Bielek, the US first discovered time travel technology in 1936 and was given assistance from the future to win World War II. Bielek’s startling information provides an answer to a common question concerning extraterrestrial intervention in human affairs, “how did Nazi Germany lose the war if they were receiving technological assistance from Draco Reptilians”, as claimed by secret space program insiders such as William Tompkins in his Selected by Extraterrestrials book series?

This is an audio-video version of an article published on June 23 at: https://exopolitics.org/did-the-us-us…

Michael Salla will be conducting a 2.5 hour seminar on July 2nd related to this subject. Check his website for more information.

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