Why Are All These Things Classified?

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Why Are All These Things Classified? (author unknown)

This was on FB:

I don’t think people understand what “classified” actually means, so here it is in simple terms:

Med beds were gifted to humanity by beings NOT from earth, wait extraterrestrials don’t exist, right? WRONG! The multiverse is full of intelligent life, but the those who assume control of earth don’t want you to know that because it will diminish their illusion of control over you:

Extraterrestrials = CLASSIFIED!

The secret space program, oh yes there is a program so secret that even other departments within that one program don’t know the other departments exist, why is it so secret you may ask? Well its so secret because if you knew that we travel to other worlds and obtain their extremely advanced technology, everyone would want to go and have that technology, but you cant, why, because those who assume control of this planet would lose their illusion of power!

The Real Space Program= CLASSIFIED!!!

The technology they have hidden from humanity is so advanced that if we were to age the technology we have today we would be looking at dinosaurs! Why is this technology hidden? Because that technology advances a race! They won’t let you advance because they would lose complete control over you so instead they keep it and use it for themselves for their own agendas!

Technology = CLASSIFIED

Med beds have been kept from humanity because with med beds, there is no sickness which equals no money, wealth, power and control over the population. We are talking about continuously feeding those who remain out of site yet have the illusion of control. No sickness = no money = no control:


The Matrix. We exist in a holographic universe where everything appears real yet nothing exists except your thoughts. Those who wish to remain hidden don’t want you to know this. They want to keep you from finding the truth about life so they keep you in physical slavery which gives them the ability to keep control of your mind. Those who have the illusion of control control your physical reality to control your mind to control the matrix:


My point is if those who know and speak about these things which has the capacity to collapse the control system are allowed to speak freely with or without evidence, their entire existence and illusion of control would collapse, this is why until humanity becomes more aware and connected with consciousness, they will always be able to control you. There is an abundance of proof to what I have just stated, the only question is, how far are you prepared to dig?

~ ~ ~

Below are the words of an Taal Shiar renegade, who has learned the importance of inner balance when you engage an enemy. For those who are not yet aware, the Taal originated as a race in Lyra, in the Man system and are our closest genetic cousins:

“Within yourself you ceased all combats. It is then that you can treat with your enemy to lead him to negotiations. If the enemy refuses, then engage combat but be well-trained. Hit with wisdom, not to hurt but to teach. Fighting for defense is the same, and as I told you last time, forgiveness is not a topic within a war. Forgive your enemy once you have won, not during the fight. When you forgive you are consenting; you agree that your enemy is harmful to you. This is not happening. You’ve been told you need to forgive, but there are conditions to forgiveness. Not within a fight because forgiveness contains consent. Forgive once the fight is over and peace settles. Forgiveness will cut the ties with the war and set you free. Also set free your enemy. Not during the fight because when you fight you are focused on one point: victory, and victory is the only outcome. There is no second choice. And you manifest victory not with pride and ego, but you manifest victory with wisdom because balance and justice need to be served. Fight with wisdom. I hope these words echo to you. This is what I’ve learned. This is what I practice. Every morning after I turn into my peace and step into my uniform, put my belt on and take my weapons, and go to do my job. I do it well. And you haven’t finished hearing about me, now I’ve spoken.”

“That is what the Galactic Federation of Worlds does. We do not steal the victory from the populations. We help them, we support them, we train them, we assist them, but the victory always is theirs. We are not the saviors. We were never saviors. We are here to assist and empower you because we want you to grow and become stronger. If we save you without training you and doing all this process, you will remain vulnerable victims. You will not grow.”

“There is no hero when there is ego.”

Q&A with Taal mercenary Akvaaru, June 6 2021 (Transcript by Sam Mast)

Elena Danaan interviewed this soldier via her GFW contact, Commander Thor Han Eredyon.

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Note to Readers:

Forwarded from FB to Telegram… and now here, LOL!

Typically, when a race lives on a planet and are not interfered with as was done to Earth humanity, the culture advances at an even pace, balancing spiritual evolution with technological development. As we are learning, slowly as a collective, that has not been the case for Earth humanity. What was originally a grand and glorious experiment has been altered, in ways that not even our original parents, the Seeders, could imagine or prevent. Many ET races and I repeat, many ET races have interrupted the Cosmic experiment that is Terra. According to the Zenae, Earth hu-mans carry the DNA of 22 ET races, which makes us a very special case… Some races like the Orion Greys want to hybridize and enslave Earth humans (and have…), the Reptilian Ciakahrr enjoy eating humans, especially the young and tender children, utilizing the adrenochrome derived from torturing children as a highly addictive drug.

BTW, anyone who is naïve enough or stupid enough to believe that all extraterrestrial races are “friendly”, be advised, they are not. At least a good 5% are extremely dangerous, manipulative, and use coercion, mind-control/programming, disinformation… basically all means possible to invade and take over entire systems, alter the indigenous species there, and change the environment to suit their needs. With the assistance of the little greys, an enslaved race, treaties made by the U.S. government among others, enabled many different alien groups to build and run bases here on the planet, primarily underground. There, experiments were done… sometimes with the cooperation of military, and sometimes with elements of the military-industrial complex, using layers of classification, secrecy and disinformation to distract the general public and certainly our government. Oh… it’s a long story of treachery and a taste for power and exotic technology…

The plight of the people of Terra finally came to the notice of the Galactic Federation of Worlds when the Zenae Council (aka The Andromedan Council) and the Council of Five (once Nine) advised the GFW that several aggressive ET races were developing a plan to create a transhuman super soldier army capable of invading multiple dimensions and galaxies… a threat to the multiverse. So, with the aid of the pre-existing secretive Earth space forces, the GFW endeavored to take down and remove all regressive alien forces from Terra and this solar system… a task that was successfully completed last year in 2021.

Now, the people of Terra are in the process of eliminating the puppet governments run by a consortium of extremely wealthy and corrupt individuals who decided long ago that they were superior to the rest of humanity. They may look/appear to be human, but are lacking in the emotional intelligence capable of our race. Anyway, the dark governments are being dismantled, the underground tunnels and DUMBs being cleared and humanity is about to embark upon a very different trajectory than was originally planned by the infiltrated secret societies, the Vatican, the British Crown, etc.

Okay, enough…


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