The Split of Worlds, what it looks like…

The Split of Worlds, what it looks like…

Kerry K

  • Polarization of humanity started two years ago…
  • polarity of perspective
  • sovereignty & respect vs My Opinion Only
  • training of humanity
    • conflict, reasoning, explaining differences in opinions, reactions, actions
    • friendships ended, families split apart
    • each person was given the opportunity to define their perspective
    • being in our own golden bubble, in your own company, I can just be me
    • filling up your own bubble of reality – occupying your own reality with fullness
    • feeling of separation at first — actually hundreds of millions of people feel the same way
    • as each one fills up their golden bubble from the inside, the surface tension breaks, when you reach a high frequency… and connect with others… is happening…
  • Humanity’s Truth is a good standard
  • people are given the opportunity to step into their truth
  • Darker frequency is getting weaker…
  • Light is reaching a quantum impact…
  • Catalyzing effect leads to
  • Some will not reincarnate on this planet…
  • Those who pass will become a bubble of lesser light… towards trajectory of new 4D reality – a “do-over”… eventually to ascension in several thousand years…
  • As people die they are given a choice as to their destination
  • New Earth is right HERE in a higher form…
  • Division of frequency
  • Solar Flash
  • There will also be individual ascension
  • The ones who do not want to move into 5D will leave
  • Children will generally go with their parents.
  • How many? Unknown #s and dates
  • Perspectives can change… approximately 2/3rds of population will ascend. Respecting individual choice.
  • What about the dark? Not necessarily human.

Note to Readers:

The decisions made as to the possible destinations of each soul were made before incarnation, although on Earth gives you additional opportunities to change direction. However, when it all comes down, the decisions are made from the soul level. The Oversoul does not judge. Evolution is an never-ending process and will continue beyond death. It is not our place to cajole, argue, deny the right of someone to make their own choices, even if our lack of understanding gets in the way. Only the ego suffers hurt, disappointment, anger and rejection. Decisions are made at a soul level where the ego does not exist and are made for the greatest good of the one involved.

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