Elena Danaan: Debunking Psyops

Elena Danaan: DEBUNK

GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT: As many of the New Age movement’s recently created false organizations, the use of the word “Light” should always draw concern until the organization is vetted as genuinely existing. The word “Light” is the best bait to attract people in search of positive spiritual guidance. The “Galactic Federation of Light” Psy-Op was created to infiltrate the Great Awakening with the purpose of hijacking the focus of people away from what is really going on and discredit a real existing extraterrestrial organization named the “Galactic Federation of Worlds.” The shadow organizations possess extraterrestrial time devices that allows them to see in advance what is going to happen and they tried by several means to stop the Great Awakening of Mankind on Terra. Taking attention away was the main one.

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Note to Readers:

Elena is a very polite, gracious lady. She does not mention to whom she is referring to under the category entitled “Val Nek”. However, I will — it is Megan Rose. You can look her up on her YouTube channel and make up your own mind.

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