The Anunnaki and the Sirius Connection – Danaan & Cinamar — Galactic Anthropology

So far, relatively little was written about the Anunnaki on this website, but they keep on appearing more and more in various sources so I decided to try and get a grip on what we know about them. As you may have noticed I use the information from Elena Danaan as the main and most […]

The Anunnaki and the Sirius Connection – Danaan & Cinamar — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

I agree with Joost, there is a ton of misinformation and disinformation being tossed around as to ‘who’ exactly are the Anunnaki.

As for the Sirian connection, there are two primary stars, Ashkera and Thula, in the 3-star or trinary star system. The Ashkera (Sirius A) system is inhabited by the Katyaa, a Taal colony of peaceful, scientific/artistic humans. Other species like benevolent Grays live in this system according to Elena Danaan. The Taal of Ashkera are descendants from those who fled the Man (Lyra) system after the Ciakahrr invasion of those worlds. The Katya of Ashkera, are more typical of Taal in appearance, having several shades of hair, blue, gray, or brown eyes, and reddish skin tones. Please note that skin tones can change in related human races depending on the radiation factors of the home star/planet. There are blue, green, red, white, pink, and dark-skinned humans scattered throughout the Galaxy and beyond.

Then, you also have the planet Morga in the Thula system, which is now home for a Taal human-Grey hybrid race, the Ashkeru-Taal, who refer to themselves today as the “Ashtar Collective”. This planetary home used to be aligned to benevolent forces but was gradually infiltrated by factions of Orion Grays and regressive Reptilians (see page 98, “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, Elena Danaan). A splinter group broke away from their home world and call themselves the Ashtar Galactic Command. Anyone half-way familiar with so-called channeled material is probably aware of “Commander Ashtar” who is, reputedly in charge of the Galactic Federation and in stationed on the mothership, “The New Jerusalem”. Why would a thoroughly extraterrestrial race want to name their ship after a city on Terra?

However, Elena has through her numerous Galactic and Intergalactic contacts debunked the notion that there is anyone called “Commander Ashtar”. In the Taami language, the original language of the Man hu-mans, Ash Tar means “high commander” and is NOT any specific individual. The Ashtar Galactic Command are stationed either on their military motherships or their cloud city located in the atmosphere of Jupiter in our solar system. These people are strictly military and do not EVER communicate with Terrans through channeled means. The Ashtar Galactic Command act as mercenaries often in cooperation with the Galactic Federation of WORLDS, the Intergalactic Confederation, the Council of Five (benevolent) and the Zenae Council (Andromedan / descendants of Taal refugees).

On the other hand, the “Ashtar Collective”, being under the control of Orion Grays (the Nebu) and possibly the Ciakahrr, have been in the past (up until last year) associated and involved with the negative Gray-Reptilian agenda on Terra. Same goes for the Taal-Shiar of the Jayha star system located in the open star cluster of the Pleiades. Not all “Sirians” or “Pleiadians” have been aligned with benevolent intentions towards Terrans.

Whatever their current location, the Ashkeru-Taal are a human-Grey hybrid race, with white-blonde hair, pale-skinned, smaller in stature than their Ahel counterparts, with wide foreheads, narrow chins, and wide, slanted green eyes. They are extremely intelligent, scientific and/or military mercenaries.

I am also aware that the Pleiadians have been tossed into the Anunnaki basket, one source being James Gilliland. Certainly the Pleiadians, whether Taal, Ahel, or Noor, have been heavily involved in creating colonies on Terra in the past, and probably involved in human genetic engineering. ALL hu-mans who came from the Man system were very capable genetic engineers and often, upon arriving at a world, intentionally combined their genetics with an existing indigenous species, so they would be more compatible with the existing radiation of the home star and other environmental factors. This was the case with the Taal settlers on Morga who eventually became the Ashkeru-Taal. Also, keep in mind that the Pleiadians had to terraform (create) whole planets when they reached the open star-cluster we call the Pleiades. There were NO indigenous races present as the stars were very young and had not formed planets. This sort of colonization was/is much preferred so as not to interfere with an indigenous race already present in a planetary system.

I, myself, was somewhat associated with the Ashtar psyop for a few years, actually believing there was a real person called Lord Ashtar… and that he was a sort of relative of mine through marriage to a non-existent uncle. I tend to feel that this entire story that I was told can be traced back to alien AI or archonic energies. The Ashtar planet I was told about was described rather vaguely as being an ice planet situated “behind Venus”, with all of the inhabitants living inside the hollowed world. Whoever came up with that information had a great imagination. The fictional “Ashtar” is Morga, located in the Thula (Sirius B) star system. I still have to shake my head about some of my former beliefs!

I would suggest that some of the misinformation regarding the Anunnaki and the Ashtar Command has been derived from regressive alien sources, including alien AI and related CIA / 5 eyes intelligence agencies which were, until recently aligned with the regressive Reptilian/Gray agenda here on Terra.

Remember — ALL experience is useful for soul development and evolution. Our ability to discern what does not resonate to OUR truth, and our ability to let go and move on once a person discovers that something does not feel right, is simply a process of sorting things out. Our truth must, to be truly ours, emerge from within, not from what we are told by outside sources. If the information presented feels right, then go with it, all the time realizing that you are allowed to change your perspective when more information is presented, either from within or without. Each of us is ultimately responsible for the choices that we make and we are required to respect the free will of others in the process.

Meanwhile, we will have to be patient before we can fully understand our own origins, much less the origins of the Anunnaki who did have a hand (according to Earth records/legends/indigenous stories) in the genetic modification of humans on Terra. Eventually, Elena’s book will be available… and beyond that, we will eventually have access to the information contained within the great Arks planted here on Terra by the Intergalactic Confederation, the original Seeders of humanity in this galaxy.

Full disclosure will come, but right now, there is a considerable percentage of humanity on Terra who are not prepared for the reality of any extraterrestrial race having been involved in our evolution or others being behind the lunatic agenda of some of our present psychopathic “leaders”.

Meanwhile, we have been given an assignment by our Galactic mentors: Grow up, act like adults, raise your frequency, and do not expect others to hand your ascension on a plate. It takes some preparation, inner preparation. It is up to you to discover what works for you. Strengthening and clearing your inner connection with the Divine Essence is the best way…

Much love,


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