Five kinds of Dragons — Galactic Anthropology

During a webinar by Alex Collier, Elena Danaan was asked if she could explain a thing or two about dragons. Well, she did so in a video only a few hourse afterwards (1). This page provides a short summary of the main points from that video in which Elena distinguishes five kind of dragons. The […]

Five kinds of Dragons — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

In the recent past, Kerry K has offered one class on connecting with your Dragon(s). There is a new class being held on the 17th of July. If you become a member of the Plasma Light Tribe, the classes are free. If not, you can purchase the classes from Kerry’s shop. For details go to Kerry K’s website:

According to Kerry, the Dragons were long ago assigned to hu-mans as protectors and in some cases, as mentors. However, before the Fall, the dark convinced the populace that they didn’t need the dragons any more (how convenient). So, the human collective told the Dragons they weren’t needed any more. The Dragons being high frequency eternal beings knew that at some time in the future, they would be needed and loved, once more. So, the Dragons determined to remain on Terra. Some blended into the earth becoming like mountains. Others took to the air and became transparent. Other dragons lived in isolated places upon the planet only communicating with those who could see through the Veil. Still other dragons swam the great seas, becoming the huge water serpents.

The Asian peoples still revere dragons and have painted and sculpted their likenesses for centuries. On the other hand, the Western cultures for the main have demonized the dragons, creating stories about the fiery dangerous beasts hoarding gold and craving the blood of virgin children. Later on, after the writings of Tolkien, dragons began to re-emerge into the consciousness of people who loved to read fantasy tales. I encountered dragons in many fantasy books.

Now that the Veil is thinning and humanity is rising in frequency as individuals and a collective, the Dragons are here to rejoin us and take up their assignment to act as our protectors, companions, and mentors.

You don’t have to believe any of this… ❤


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