Elena Danaan: Activations, Light-codes & Downloads

Elena Danaan: Activations, Light-codes & Downloads

Elena Danaan

ACTIVATION, LIGHT-CODES & DOWNLOADS: You do not need anyone or any “event” to “activate” you, as it is not how things work. In order to complete the great awakening to who you truly are, you need to undergo the journey by yourself, do the work yourself. Relying on someone else to do it for you is BS.

It is the PROCESS that is important. If you don’t undergo the process of your dark night of the soul, grow by healing your wounds, perform the alchemical transmutation, you will not reach out to a higher level of consciousness. People who offer to do it for you, in exchange for money or/and popularity, to feed their purse or their ego, are bullshitters. Do NOT let ANYONE manipulate your energy field, chakras etc… They ask for your consent and whatever the level of love & light narrative, do not be fooled. YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK BY YOURSELF ONLY!

It is not because it is labelled “Light” that it is wonderful. These are just labels. You can sell poison labelling it “medicine”. A more concerning aspect is that some of these bullshitters want to access your DNA frequency… and are often either Gray Hybrids or either MK Ultra programmings. They want your soul, honey, do not sign your consent! The only way up is (by going) within.

Light-Codes are either a New Age fantasy or either programs downloaded for you to install in yourself… just wow, wow, nope! All these nonsense are elaborated to stop you to find your own power, to hijack your Awakening and take your sovereignty away. So take it back now! Go within by meditation, introspection, and meet the beautiful being who inhabits this body. By attuning to its frequency, you attune to the whole universe. They just don’t want you to find this out.

More here: https://www.elenadanaan.org/debunk

Note to Readers:

I happen to agree with Elena, who is a practicing shaman, besides her galactic connections.

While it is possible to break away from this kind of programming, it can take a while. It is better not to fall for it in the first place.

My housemate said something profound last night about people looking for a shortcut… “People just say, ‘give me a pill for that'”. They are unwilling to change their diet, take nutrients, exercise, get enough sleep, stop smoking/drinking/etc. (basically any addiction) and want someone else to take charge of their body. This kind of attitude has engendered severe consequences for a large portion of the population. When you ask someone to “do it for me” you are handing over your power, your creativity, your sovereignty. This is not the way to raise your frequency. Do the work. Find out what it takes. Take responsibility for your own choices.

Like so many other systems on this planet, spirituality has been heavily infiltrated. Basically, it has become a minefield for the naïve.

Like a child learning that the element on top the stove is hot, everyone who is waking up will stumble, have to backtrack, start over, and learn to stand in their own power, humility, and vulnerability. This ascension period is a Master Class for humanity. All will not graduate.


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