ANNOUNCEMENT: Lord Delos Revisited

Sirian Mothership

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lord Delos Revisited

I just put up a new Page on Sunny’s Journal, adding a new version of a short story I started writing in 2018. I have “found” it, again, revised it, and have added to this blog. Hope you enjoy my efforts.

BTW, it is a science fiction story about the Katayy of Kashta, a world located in the Ashkera solar system… the great blue-white star we call Sirius A. In this updated tale, I weave a bit of galactic history and hopefully pop a few disinformation bubbles in the process.


Eliza Ayres

Comments are open on the page for now.

Update 22.07.2022:

After putting up the new page on Lord Delos, I started looking at the text and noticed quite a few errors that I had not picked up prior. Let me tell you… editing is an art form and takes a great deal of patience and perseverance… qualities I sometimes don’t use!

Still, while in my third read-thru, I began to understand the real history of the conflict in the Ashkera system. It wasn’t the Katayy who were involved in the conflict with the Nebu… at least not later in the Orion Wars… it was the white-blonde, green-eyed T-Ashkeri from Morga. This hybrid Grey-Taali-Lyran race were/are highly technologically advanced. Unfortunately, their planet was successfully infiltrated by the Nebu and taken over. The aggressive Nebu also succeeded in driving out the amphibious Nommo from their planet Nyan in the Thula system. The Nommo migrated to another planet in the Emerya system, the third and smallest star in the Ashkera system.

There was a breakaway splinter group from the Ashtar Collective. Today, we know them as the Ashtar Galactic Command. They have no planet, but live on their motherships. The Ashtar Galactic Command have one of their headquarters in our solar system, a cloud city in the atmosphere of Jupiter. The soldiers of this command are mercenaries, and work cooperatively with several benevolent councils, including the Orion High Council, the Council of Five, the Intergalactic Confederation, the Zenae (Andromedan) Council, etc. These warriors are the same hybrid race, the T-Ashkeri of Morga, who have no home world now due to the depredations of the Nebu in the Ashkera system, primarily the planets orbiting Thula.

Another thing, there is no such thing as a Sirian star nation. Each of the twelve planets that orbit the three suns of the Ashkera system contain a myriad of cultures and species. The Katayy are the dominant race on Kashta orbiting Ashkera (Sirius A); the Ashkeri on Morga orbiting Thula (Sirius B); the Nommo on Xylantia in orbit around Emerya. The Nommo were indigenous to Nyan, a planet in the Thula system but were chased out by the aggressive Greys of the Orion Empire. The peaceful Katayy did not join the Ashtar Collective. After the time of our story, the Ashtar Collective became aligned with the Nebu and later still, with the Ciakahrr and other regressive races. The Katayy were protected by the Galactic Federation, while their neighbors on Morga aligned with the regressive Orion Empire.

As for the Laan, I don’t believe they had anything to do with the conflict in either place, Ashkera (Sirius) or Ashaara (Taygeta). Like their cousins, the Taali, Ahel and Noor, the Laan spread far and wide throughout Nataru (the Milky Way Galaxy). They created several interesting hybrids utilizing their own genetics and that of other species. You can read more about those races by reading Elena Danaan’s book, “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races” — highly recommended!

As for there being an intelligent bipedal Feline race… yes, I’ve heard of a few. The imagination can be strained when you consider that many of the different forms of living creatures we share our planet Terra with may have a corresponding bipedal “human” variant, including upright, talking Lions. How cool! Anyway, I created such a beastie… in my stories. It’s called artistic license!


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2 Responses to ANNOUNCEMENT: Lord Delos Revisited

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Eliza, I just finished reading “Lord Delos, Revisited” and it was a pleasure to re-acquaint myself with characters whom I recognized as old friends in your original version. And of course, to once more have your references to the Arcturian Healing Chambers is always a confirmation that I cherish. BTW, your editing of the original story to this version was, in my opinion, superb and I did not, as I thought I might, get disoriented with respect to the names of the planets and galaxies. Seems to me Amand’s vision might just be the answer here on Earth with respect to ‘disappearing’ the minions! Much appreciation and love your way. B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks, Altea! I certainly learned a lot while writing both versions of this story. I know that one of my lifetimes (perhaps several) I was involved in the Orion conflict… which is really still going on outside of our solar system. Morga (Sirius B) and Taalihara (Jayha) are just some of the worlds that need to be freed from the clutches of the Nebu and Ciakahrr. I have also realized that however much we dislike conflict, it is the way we grow and evolve. Without conflict of some sort, you and your culture become stagnant. It is the pushing back and forth that sparks ingenuity and innovation. If we were handed our ascension or peace on a plate, we wouldn’t gain the satisfaction of a job well-done.
      Writing this story and my books has informed me that the disinformation about ET races has been in effect for a long time. I’ve had to peel away and examine many of my own beliefs during this process. It certainly has been an edifying process and I’ve become a better writer… I hope! Lots of love, ~Eliza


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