Paul Wallis: ELYON – “The Commander of the Elohim”

ELYON – “The Commander of The Elohim” This Information is Key! Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino, Ep 2

The Fifth Kind

Aliens in the Bible – True Translations Ep 2 Elyon – Paul Wallis & Mauro Biglino. For hundreds and thousands of years people around the world have turned to the Bible for information about God. Two scholars Mauro Biglino and Paul Wallis argue for a radically different interpretation…

The information in this video is key to understanding the true history of humanity. In this episode “Elyon” Mauro Biglino and Paul Wallis drill down into the ancient text of the bible and reveal their findings in this comprehensive masterclass of information.

“Elohim” versus “Elyon”…

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