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Eliza: Announcement Regarding “Intel”

I have decided to stop posting “intel” from various sources except the following: X22 Report and the weekly Geopolitical Reports from Benjamin Fulford. Both of these are available elsewhere… X22 Report can be found on Rumble and Bit Chute. The work of Mr. Fulford can be found on his own website each Monday, with the remainder of the report made available later in the week depending on where you look. I have found the following websites useful in finding the text of Ben’s full report, but you’re going to have to wade through an assortment of New Age crock to get there… and

I will make a point for those who are looking for intel but don’t want to put the effort into finding it. Yes, I know people are busy trying to make a living, bring up their family, etc., etc., but hey, folks, I am not responsible for spoon-feeding anyone. If you have a cell phone, laptop, computer, or I-pad, you are more than capable of doing your own research.

I might add that it is especially important for your own soul development and inner growth to do the work as I and others have been doing for decades, in just this lifetime.

For now I am going to refocus on my journey, put up items that speak to me, add to the discourse and discoveries as we re-member the true history of our planet, our own past and our true roots.

Currently there is so much censorship on intel sources relating to the current world-wide Great Awakening that it is quite difficult to find out real sources. And there is a great deal of plagiarisms going on, individuals claiming the material as their own when they didn’t do the original research or putting it on their channel so it gets monetized.

I DO NOT and have never monetized my blogs and won’t, ever. If it is someone else’s work, I will let you know up front.

So, if you are reading this blog solely for intel, go elsewhere. I am not interested in putting it up any more… except for the sources noted above. I will continue to share the work of Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, Paul Wallis, and others… individuals whose work has been carefully thought out and presented.


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