Eric Raines: Shenanigans From the Sun

Here comes the Sun – Photo by Jonathan Petersson on

Shenanigans from the Sun by Eric Raines (from Telegram)

The past week has been full of shenanigans from the sun. CMEs, flares, radio emissions and the solar weather affecting Earth, bringing the Aurora Borealis as far south as mid Washington from its usual hangout in the Arctic Circle.

Along with affecting cellular/mobile networks, power grids and internet providers across the world, people around the world have been experiencing shutdowns, expansions and detox from the last cycle.

As we move into a space of solar inhalation before the next push, we have an opportunity to integrate the instability.

Shutdowns were felt as a complete lack of energy and ability to focus. Daytime naps might have been unavoidable and extremely deep.

Expansions were felt as more. More emotion, more sensory input, more awareness of the moment, etc… This would be noticed as extreme opinion/emotion/direction. A project or artistic creation is explosively powerful in this space almost as if it creates itself and you are a passenger. The other side of this is conflict with loved ones and friends is hard to avoid, especially if not aware of the heightened states of awareness.

Detox was felt as headaches, body aches, soreness/stiffness, nausea, sweating, diarrhea, etc… This is specifically from the body’s reaction to the increased photonic/electromagnetic/gravity frequencies that are physically interacting with each of us. Toxicity stuck in the muscles, bones, lymphatic systems and organs are working free of where they have been quarantined and the toxins are felt as they filter out.

Before the next push, which will be more intense, take some time to come come to center. Rest, relax, spend some time breathing deep in nature

What these unstable solar storms are doing here and to us is multi leveled. Timeline alterations are dissolving, DNA outliers are beginning to turn on/activate, electronic/grid programming is being interrupted and destabilized and the drum of the Earth (Schumann) is getting a workout.

The solar system comes more and more in alignment to the Galactic Center as we move through time and space in this direction. As we enter this heightened frequency of matter, the “rules” of physics are going to start stretching and redefining parameters until everything we consider reality will be completely changed by the end of this ancient process.

We are experiencing the first contractions of a macro timeline birthing process.

The new is coming. The now is the key.

Have fun with it 😁🌄

❤ ❤ ❤

Note to Readers:

Oye, body aches, joint aches, grogginess, fatigue of body and mind… oh, yeah. I may be over seven decades young, but I’m not on any medications, still take my daily walk, eat a relatively healthy diet… but oh, my gosh! The body is reacting, responding, and redefining itself from a cellular level and it’s a bit painful to undergo the process of becoming more than I know…

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