“Progress” John Rich

“Progress” John Rich

I feel that many real Americans can identify with the words of this song. I know I am fed up and tired beyond words with both the black hats and the white hats.

Now, why can’t humanity learn to work together for the benefit of all Life, including the blessed planet we live on? We can learn a lot about respect, mutual support, love, and sharing from Nature. As a hiker and backpacker, I observed the symbiotic communities built by plants, animals and the bones of the earth, by the waters and clouds, the sun that shone. We can learn to live together as one community, and enjoy our unity in the acceptance of our diverse cultures, living side by side in a dynamic fusion of light.

When and if this “movie” ever ends… and it better, soon, as people are truly fed up, like I am… people are going to have to rebuild their lives, those people who have survived the eugenics campaign of the fallen dark minions of a regressive alien agenda to prevent humanity from evolving into what they truly are, seeds of Light.

We’ve all been students in a Masters class here, dear readers, one that has been wrought with pain, suffering, as well as joy and beauty. It takes a challenge to spur us to evolve and grow, to expand our horizons, to release old beliefs, programs, and conditioning. Are we ready to step forth into a new world?

From outer appearances, there are a few more items on the agenda of the white hats still to accomplish. I fear this “movie” is going to continue to play out for at least a couple of months more well into Autumn in the northern latitudes. So, take a deep breath, gird your loins, brace yourself… there’s more revelations to come… what the white hats will “allow” the public to see.

Those of us who remember other fights for freedom where we lost, we don’t intend to lose this battle, oh, no. We will stand in solidarity with all the people of our planet who are marching in the streets, driving their tractors and trucks and blocking the highways and high streets. We will stand with those who tear down the proud houses of the wealthy… bricks laden with the blood of innocents. We will free our hearts and minds from all attempts to keep us down. We will take our sovereignty and power back, which was wrenched from our hands on so many worlds through the past million years.

We will be free, but first we must endure through to the end of this epic battle and take back all that is ours and reconnect with our Source, with our Divinity, with our innocence and purity. We will wash this land clean of the corruption, the deceit, the lies of the dark and reclaim the land and the seas and the skies for our own.


Maybe some day we will learn the truth of why so many things have been hidden from us, including our origins, our potentials, and why we were targeted by regressive aliens…

That’s Stanley Kubrick’s cat… on the Moon. Uh, huh.

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