BEN FULFORD: Secret UK, Russia peace deal means Ukraine war being wound down, 25 July 2022

Benjamin Fulford’s Weekly Geopolitical News & Analysis, 25 July 2022

Secret UK, Russia peace deal means Ukraine war being wound down

Last week a secret deal was reached between the Russian and UK governments to wind down the Ukraine war. This is part of a broader settlement agreement that will lead to a complete overhaul of existing international institutions this autumn, MI6 and Russian FSB sources say.

However, in a desperate attempt to impose medical martial law on the planet, the Khazarian Mafia is mounting a fierce counter-offensive by rolling out a massive bio-weapons attack. This means an international manhunt against top Khazarian Mafia agents will continue throughout the summer in order to prevent this from happening, multiple sources agree.

OK, let us start with the visible signs that some sort of peace treaty has been agreed to. The most obvious sign was the announcement that the “fully vaccinated and twice boosted,” so-called President Joe Biden “tested positive” for COVID last Thursday and has gone into isolation.

Mossad sources say Saudi Arabian leader Mohammed bin Sultan (MBS) “bump fisted pedo Biden right into testing positive for Covid and sent the wimp home empty-handed.”

CIA sources, for their part, asked “How can it be that Pedo Joe has tested positive? He must be getting an AI upgrade or worse. The Alliance doesn’t need to interrogate this worn-out puppet…”

There is a lot of speculation that “Biden” will not re-emerge and will either be replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris or by Donald Trump, depending on who you talk to. The fact is, it does not matter if the Biden show resumes or if a new “president” is installed because the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION is bankrupt and will be dismantled, CIA sources say.

MI6 sources for their part had the following to say “We ceased the American president on election fraud. We have installed a new government in London albeit under full military martial law.”

In any case, another sign that something fundamental has changed is that Russia has resumed sending gas to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline following a ten-day “maintenance break.”

According to P3 Freemason sources, what happened was the leadership of Western Europe decided to ignore orders “coming from Rabbis in New York who think they are involved in a holy war against Russia.” (rabid Zionists aka Khazarian Mafia Satanists)

The other big sign that something fundamental changed was this news item:

Representatives from Ukraine and Russia signed Friday an agreement to resume grain exports in a meeting mediated by the United Nations, as fears mount over a food crisis triggered by soaring commodity prices.

The deal, reached in Istanbul during a four-way meeting also including the United Nations and Turkey, will guarantee safe sea routes after passage through the Black Sea was blocked due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This means the Western starvation blackmail card has been removed. This was one of the strongest cards held by the people (the KM/Nazis) who control the G7 group of countries so, its removal from the table is yet another sign a peace treaty has been reached.

It is in these circumstances that MI6 chief Richard Moore made a rare public appearance at a security conference in Aspen, Colorado where he hinted a temporary cease-fire agreement has been made in Ukraine by saying: “Our assessment is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to find manpower and materiel over the next few weeks.”

He then revealed the real situation by admitting “We are in for a tough time,” and need to help the Ukrainians “at least negotiate from a position of significant strength”, because China’s leader Xi Jinping was “watching like a hawk”.

Behind the scenes, MI6 informed the Asian Secret Societies “If Zug, Switzerland, the root cause of all world terrorism, is not…

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Note to Readers:

IMHO, the White Hats have begun negotiations with the 4th Reich in Europe. There have been significant uprisings of the European people, showing solidarity against the 4th Reich and its “Green New Deal”… which is just another attempt to starve people into submission, a situation which the globalists mistakenly believed would give them enough leverage over the people to compel them to beg to be put into the globalist “solution” — the Great Reset… “You will eat bugs, own nothing and be happy!” It was clear to those who were aware of the situation, that the European people were not going to go along with the globalist agenda of the WEF or any other fascist organization including the Vatican.

It is also very telling that American media did not televise or share any news coverage of the marches in Europe and other locations across the planet (Sri Lanka, etc.). The growing realization of the real agenda behind the push to vaccinate entire populations has become painfully clear to the people, as they have observed friends and family struck down in the prime of life, dying of “sudden” deaths, as a corrupt Western medical system is inexplicably unable to diagnose the causes of these deaths. Yet, from their own first-hand experience, the people are finally beginning to understand that they have been intentionally victimized by their own governments and medical institutions, betrayed by their churches, corporations, and beloved celebrities. The people are rapidly waking up to the realization that the self-proclaimed “elite” are simply contemptuous of those they consider as being beneath their consideration… the common people. Well, the people are now making their voices heard; they will NOT submit to fascist governments and their high-handed brutal measures to change agriculture, transportation, etc. industries to “fit” the requirements of the insane 0% CO2 agenda of the Green New Deal. There are more “of the people” than ever the minority of self-proclaimed, delusional “elites”.

I’ve never understood the logic of removing Carbon dioxide from the air, when plants utilize CO2 as food. Plant more trees. And it’s not the farmers or agriculture that are the biggest culprits; it’s heavy industry which wasn’t going to be constricted by the new regulations. The climate change fanatics were intent on destroying what was left of traditional farming and land ownership, so they could control the remainder of what was left of the population after the vaccination holocaust.

Mind-controlling, brainwashing through the media, indoctrination in schools, etc. has bred poisonous generations of moronic imbeciles who are easily manipulated and programmed to act as terrorists. They are incapable of thinking for themselves and only manage to spew or regurgitate what they have been programmed with. Communist indoctrination has been present in Britain for decades and has leaked down and infiltrated all of the primary institutions and systems within the United States, Europe, and countries that were either controlled or blackmailed by the KM, namely Japan, Taiwan, India, NK, etc. Many of these countries have broken free of globalist control despite efforts to blackmail and in many cases, murder the independently-minded leaders.

With the coming of DJT, the White Hat coalition gained strength, working behind the scenes to lead the world to freedom, but it had to be done surreptitiously while allowing the KM to imagine they were gaining control and forwarding their long-term agenda for world domination through depopulation and ultimate control over all of the planet’s resources and wealth.

This past summer, the globalist demonstrated their contempt for the common people by attempting to cut off food and energy sources. With their foolish sanctions directed against Russia, these plans backfired in spectacular fashion as the people of Europe took to the streets protesting against the Green New Deal and other globalist agendas. With Russia exercising the denial of energy (oil/gas) to the EU and its economy, the White Hats had the 4th Reich over a figurative and literal barrel… of oil/gas. Obviously the fascists had not learned from the historical records of anyone who attempted to defeat the Russians on their own ground. The seasoned troops of Napoleon lost and so, too, did the troops of the 3rd Reich. Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.

As for the rabbis in NYC attempting to dictate political decisions to the EU governments, these are fanatics who will not listen to the voice of reason. They have attempted to take control of the… planet… well, it’s beyond any logical explanation. In short, their desire for a final battle at Armageddon and a rebuilding of the Kingdom of Khazaria in the Ukraine… has come to naught. They are psychopathic sociopaths and an assortment of other labels…well beyond the understanding of most sane persons.

These creatures have attempted to seize control of the planet for their own benefit. It is not to be and now, they are being systematically hunted down and removed from positions of power.

I hope that this “secret” treaty between Russia and the UK will lead to further negotiations to remake the governments of the planet into organizations that work for and support the people, not attempt to keep them enslaved.


P.S. I will put up a link or make available the rest of Ben’s report later in the week.

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