Balance – Dark vs Light

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Balance – Dark vs Light

Note to Readers: This piece is from Karen N-R. It is very insightful and relevant to what is presently occurring among the truther/UFO/patriot communities…

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I have been observing a lot of people become dismayed and disappointed at those “prominent” people who they have been trusting and even following who begin to act in a way that suddenly no longer resonates with them. People who for instance, suddenly begin to provide a platform for, and even promote others who are clearly working for the Dark side.

I would like to share what I have learned in case that this information may perhaps be a benefit to anyone else.

In the book “The Only Planet of Choice” where the 12th Density The Nine share insight with a group of Terrans, including Gene Roddenberry at times, they clearly explain that all energy can be transmuted. This is basic Alchemy. Lower, negative energy frequencies can be transmuted to higher, positive energies. The inverse is also true: positive to negative. However, nothing is 100% one way or another. Nothing is absolute, only often predominantly vibrating in one polarity or another. This means that no matter how negative something may be, there is always a positive side. And no matter how positive anything may be, there is always a negative side, even if it is very small.

The optimal goal in this Universe is to achieve a balance. Balance is one of the fundamental aspects of the Universe/Dimension where we reside. Another fundamental aspect is evolution which is aided by the necessary presence of the negative/dark (insert here your term of choice). The Negative/Dark serves as a catalyst to trigger or propel us to desire to evolve, otherwise there would be stagnation. This has also been explained by Elena Danaan through messages received from one of her personal contacts, an Egaroth representative in the Council of Five named Annax. The Council of Five work for balance, so they acknowledge the need for the negative/dark side to exist as a catalyst to evolution and work to achieve this perfect balance in this galaxy or sector. It is when there is imbalance that chaos emerges.

As you all know, we are currently immersed in a war. This war has everything to do with an identified imbalance which needs to be corrected. As in any war, there are two opposing sides. And the negative side is currently in a position of loss and because of this is panicking and exposing themselves.

This exposure becomes more and more obvious because in their panic, they have been bringing out in the open all that they have been carefully keeping hidden in the shadows. In their panic, they are now desperately seeking to create as much chaos and division as they possibly can because all their other weapons and tools have been systematically taken away from them, and psychological warfare is basically all they have left in their arsenal.

But when we are aware of the war, the nature of the war and the nature of the Universe (seeking to achieve perfect balance), then we are perfectly armed to confront the enemy.

So, based on the above, I would like to present my personal insight, if you all permit: as there is always positive in everything – even that which is overwhelmingly negative – try to transmute your disappointment and even anger towards those who you may have been trusting and following and who have recently disappointed you by revealing in which side of this war that they are really on, into a feeling of joy in victory.

How is that you may ask? Simple. By exposing themselves through their actions, they have saved you many hours of vetting and background checks 😊

As Q has said more than once: never interfere with an enemy who is in the process of destroying itself…

Much love, Karen N-R

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More Notes:

It is interesting just how programmed we (I’m including myself in the count) we’ve become while living in this artificial matrix. We see a handsome buff guy and right away, we’re open to what he has to say, even if half of it is pure claptrap. And we get mighty disappointed when someone we’ve been following for quite a while picks up and presents this fake fellow as a prize to his adoring fans.

I guess I’m just a cynic these days, but I’ve gotten turned off recently by a lot of “authorities”, “experts” and “intel-providers” of late.

Best thing you can do, is aim for coming to center and balance yourself, learn to detach from expectations, yours or others, listen to the feelings of the words presented, the tone of the speaker, their body language… in other words utilize your God-given gift for discernment. If you haven’t used it in a while, I would gently suggest you give it some exercise… for it appears those who have impressed us in the past are now showing us their true colors.

Make up your own mind about people. Never a follower be — it just gets you jammed into another belief system or quagmire, which you’re supposed to extricating yourself right about now.

Anyway, word to wise, trust your heart, trust your feelings. If anything or anyone feels “off”, then back off, perhaps give them another listen and if it still feels “off”, then it is “off” for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind and try again.

Basically anyone today who claims to be an authority is joshing you… as you are the authority of yourself and no other. You just have to relearn to trust your inner teacher, that thing called intuition that everyone in your life told you not to trust. Why? So they could keep your creativity, your potentiality in check; so they could position themselves as leader and then act as a parasite, siphoning off your creative energies.

Still, dark always contains the Light within it. Anyone, even the darkest heart can be changed and move back into the Light within the twinkling of an eye. Which is a good reason not to judge, yourself, or anyone else. Each of us are playing a role, agreed upon before embodiment.

Take what feels right, study it and then discard what you don’t need.


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“It’s Easier to Fool People Than It Is to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.” – Mark Twain.

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