Interview with Dani Henderson – Aliens in her House!

Her Mother Had A Near Death Experience While She Was Being Born!

JeffMara Podcast

Podcast 543 guest is Dani Henderson, who during her birth, her mother had a near death experience. and she has had aliens in her house. Dani Henderson is a spiritual therapist, trained in eastern and western medicine to aid people spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Since childhood she has interacted with angels, demons, aliens and other life forms. As a clairvoyant medium Dani came into life wide awake to the dimensions here on earth and upstairs. The paranormal world is a fascinating frightening amazing experience and Dani helps guide people to overcome fear, gain strength in their spiritual armor and shows them strong ways to heal their emotional trauma. With a background in the space industry, paranormal investigations and therapy, Dani Henderson is warrior of love for humanity.

Note to Readers:

Good interview. If you’ve listened to Dani previously, you may know more about her story. She has her own YouTube channel, but I cannot post them here. Dani is a close friend of Elena Danaan.

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