The True Story of Nikola Tesla by Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden

The True Story of Nikola Tesla by Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden


This was sent to me in a package from Lt. Col Thomas Bearden’s company (which has now disappeared from the internet) after he passed away with the message “Dutch- don’t know if you’ve seen THIS one”

Needless to say, we’ve got a series of stories and explanations on Nikola Tesla from Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden that will absolutely floor you.

He explains a new device that he made (Lt. Col. Bearden) on how to harness and use free energy using current electrical lines going into our houses and on power poles around the world. Amazing.

Also amazing, the part about the French scientists and their work on curing certain diseases. As well as the part about transmitting “sicknesses”, as well as transmitting cures.

This one is next level, and I know you haven’t seen it before, since someone went to great lengths to have this video removed everywhere!

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