Does a New Webb Photo of Jupiter Show a Mothership?

Does new Webb photo of Jupiter show a Mothership over a thousand miles long?
Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

On July 27, 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope released an image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot using one of its infrared cameras. The image contains a cylindrical-shaped object floating high above Jupiter’s atmosphere that appears to be more than a thousand miles long. The image corroborates claims of giant spacecraft recently arriving in our solar system and parking in the vicinity of Jupiter. was among the first news outlets to release the new Webb image of Jupiter and explained that it was taken using the Near Infrared Camera. In addition to the Great Red Spot, Webb was also studying bands in the gas giant’s atmosphere. However, the Webb image also caught a very large cylindrical-shaped object whose direction of motion could be traced directly to the Giant Red Spot.

The object appears white in the filter, as does the Giant Red Spot. Also, the thing seems to be very close to Jupiter, which makes possible an estimate of it being several thousand miles in length. If the object is closer to the Webb telescope, which is one million miles away from Earth, facing away from the sun, then that would make it harder to estimate the object’s true size. Importantly, the object is unlike any of the smaller objects making up Jupiter’s bands or near the Giant Red Spot.

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Note to Readers:

Another photo and information backing up the claims of Elena Danaan regarding the arrival of a large intergalactic space fleet last year in our solar system.

Please note that Elena Danaan, Michael Salla, and Dani Henderson (and others) who are presenting real disclosure are experiencing major attacks right now. Still, they continue to courageously present disclosure to those who are open to it.

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