It’s the Dawning of a New Era

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The dawning of a new era

Uranus and Dragon’s Head conjunct 18°41 Taurus around 3:23 on August 1st. At 6:26, Mars will also be in the same degree, triple conjunction. The Saviano symbol is “A new continent rises from the ocean”

It seems that the destruction of the 3D Matrix is ​​about to begin, as all preparations have been made for the beginning of the New Age, through which difficulties can be overcome.

It’s a fixed sign of the Grand Cross, so it’s going to be a very violent quake that you can’t escape.

Human relationships, past lives, rotten ties, upbringing, privileged classes and other things that go against the laws of the universe created by the 3D matrix are discarded, and they are trained to live their soul essence.

At the same time as the destruction, it seems that changes in direction towards completely new concepts and systems that were submerged are occurring one after the other.

Since the move the China VS rice battle is about to be cut and the RV is progressing one after the other and the stream that GESARA will likely be publicly announced is also coming.

The triple junction of Uranus, Mars and Dragon’s Head could result from a disconnection from the old system or a catastrophic war.

As long as people are aware of the horrible events, they will complete the new age system one after the other in the shortest possible time and with care.

You can feel this flow in the sky map.

It’s a flow that matches the Q plan that’s been said for a long time.

Tensions can run around the world for a while, so it seems important for those who are awake to play a role in raising and stabilizing the vibrations.

I think there are some individuals who are forced to let go of old concepts and relationships and things.

The only thing I let go of is that the vibes don’t match my current self.

Let’s relax and organize the vibes to enter a new


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