Disclosure vs Disinformation – It’s a Psychological War to Control Our Perceptions – Dan Willis

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Note to Readers: This is a piece written by Dan Willis in defense of the efforts made by Elena Danaan and Michael Salla within the past two years. Currently, Elena is being vilified and attacked by certain elements of disinformation. Whether or not these persons are associated with intelligence agencies seeking to suppress disclosure or are individuals who have been programmed by alien AI is up for conjecture. In this piece, Dan Willis stoutly and methodically defends Elena:


In a psychological war to control our perceptions, how does one determine who is real and who is a deceiver?

The good thing about truth, is that it has the enduring ability to confirm itself, whereas a lie eventually over time will be exposed. This is why deep state assets mix a lot of truth with their information in order to gain credibility with the public, while mixing in a lie. Many of these lies are then used not only to sow confusion to the public which can effectively hide the truth, but through association of similar topics, the lie acts to discredit others who are bringing forth real information. An obvious example of this is associating truthful information together with a lie is the “flat earth” theory, allowing the truthful information to be disregarded through association in the public mind.

Witnesses, whistleblowers, contactees etc. truthfulness can be gauged by a number of factors that yield either a high or low probability representing truth. Today with so much information and disinformation available through the internet, anyone after watching multiple online videos can easily fabricate a false testimony incorporating several common elements brought out by multiple perspectives and appear to sound feasible and credible. It’s hard to comprehend why an individual would purposely deceive the public. They could be delusional, seeking attention, unknowingly mind controlled or are being compensated by deep state intelligence agencies in order to be an asset in spreading disinformation.

Over 22 years ago when I joined 20 military and intelligence witnesses that each stated before the media of the world that we are each willing to testify under oath before a congressional hearing, with some of us supporting their testimonies with official documentation, the degree of probability of being disinformation by these witnesses is on a scale of being quite low to zero. On the other hand, the way the mainstream media reported this world disclosure event using what is termed a “limited hangout” is quite high that they were indeed the assets promoting disinformation. The event inspired a UK computer hacker to verify this information in the computer systems and discovered the US Navy’s Solar Warden Secret Space program. He was facing 70 years in prison for this act and the probability that he made up the story and was giving disinformation is also quite low.

Since that time many individuals claiming to have total memory recall of their service in space with the Solar Warden program as well as other programs in space, all have very similar accounts as secret space program witnesses. Unfortunately, due to it’s nature, only William Tompkins was able to provide substantiating documentation in his involvement with the US Navy’s secret space program.

Two notable exceptions by individuals with practically zero probability that they are disinformation assets, who were involved in the French section of the Solar Warden program, Jean-Charles Moyen and David Rousseau. Both had no knowledge of each other and later it was discovered that they completely independently gave very detailed accounts which perfectly corroborated them both working together in the Solar Warden program. If a person truly has inside information regarding these operations in our solar system that are hidden for the most part from the people dwelling on earth, then they would be able to provide information that can later be corroborated that is otherwise not accessible by any disinformation assets on earth.

Such a person is my friend Elena Danaan. Elena was rescued as a child by the Galactic Federation of Worlds from an abduction where they had to repurpose the abduction implant to be instead a secure military communication device which she uses to communicate with her contact and rescuer Thor Han. Elena has graciously accepted the task of being an emissary for the Galactic Federation of Worlds and has been receiving and sharing information from her communications as well as her firsthand off planet experiences. Her information has been consistently corroborating with actual events that are revealed and confirmed shortly after disclosing them publicly. Others who claim contact with the Galactic Federation of worlds have been unable to do this and thus validate their contact.

Elena became more publicly active in 2020 and released her first book “A gift from the Stars” where she had been shown in order to graphically detail 110 different extraterrestrial races with illustrations and the unique particulars of each race and specific details of each of their home planets.

Dr Michael Salla, ever since the 2001 disclosure event has been vetting many of these witnesses and doing scholarly research into this subject for decades. He has closely been taking account of the messages shared by Elena and finding them to match perfectly with his other sources, such as his military witness insider “JP” and others.

The pattern of information that Elena releases followed by corroboration of her information represents a long list that I’ve taken note of, so I will abbreviate here as there is way too much information to detail out and list.

1 ) Thor Han reveals the full text of Prime directive
Dr Michael Salla discovers a Star Trek book unbeknown to Elena titled “The Federation” where the text given to Gene Roddenberry matches almost exactly, as the Galactic Federation of Worlds was providing the information for the Star Trek series.

2 ) Thor Han reveals that there is a large Ark in the Atlantic Ocean
Dr Salla’s witness JP later reports his mission to go down and into the Atlantic Ark

3 ) Thor Han reveals the meetings on Ganymede
Dr Salla’s witness JP later reports his mission to go to Ganymede as support personnel

4 ) Jupiter Accords signed on Jupiter
Gen James Dickenson agreements confirmed a 100 government and military entities and the Artemis Accords to hand over solar system control to US Space Command

5 ) Thor Han says to watch for activity on Neptune to be revealed
One week later many science publications show a large red abnormality on Neptune

6 ) In Elena’s book “A gift from the Stars” where she detailed 110 different extraterrestrial races and the planets they inhabit, she showed in an illustration that the Proxima Centauri system has 3 big inhabited planets (plus a few planetoids).
In Feb 2022 NASA discovered just as Elena described a third planet in the Proxima Centauri system.

7 ) Dark Fleet Evacuation from Antarctica
Frank, a former employee at McMurdo Base in Antarctica who confirmed Elena’s information about the Dark Fleet evacuating Antarctica and handing over their bases to the Chinese. Frank saw many Germans leaving in the middle of the 2021 Antarctic Winter, and many Chinese arriving at the same time.

8 ) Jean Charles has meeting with Elena on the mothership Excelsior and describes the exact experience onboard

9 ) Jean Charles and Elena go with Thor Han and experience the Antarctica Ark near Lake Vostok

10 ) Galactic Confederation in our solar system
ISS camera feed shows dozens of space craft passing by its camera view

11 ) A huge fleet of the Galactic Confederation ships are parked behind Jupiter
On July 12, NASA held an international live stream releasing the first official images from the James Webb Space Telescope showing a noticeable dark field just above the gas giant’s atmosphere. Was it a shadow, as NASA appeared to claim, or something entirely different – part of a newly arrived extraterrestrial space fleet secretly parked around Jupiter?

On July 27, 2022, the James Webb Space Telescope released an image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot using one of its infrared cameras. The image contains a cylindrical-shaped object floating high above Jupiter’s atmosphere that appears to be more than a thousand miles long. The image corroborates claims of giant spacecraft recently arriving in our solar system and parking in the vicinity of Jupiter.

12 ) Crystal technology information shared by Jenhan who is Thor Han’s brother
In a question/answer exchange that I have done through Elena relaying the information from Jenhan, I have found that all of the information he has shared in regards to the interface of consciousness with quartz crystals to corroborate perfectly with what IBM’s head scientist Dr Marcel Vogel was able to quantify and measure in his laboratory.

This is just a few events I have taken note of that have been revealed by Elena. The full details of each of these corroborated events I will be glad to send the information links to anyone who wishes to validate and do further due diligence.

My friend Dani Kidssoulspeak Henderson has also done an excellent personal account of her perspective of Elena Danaan that I fully concur with

Note to Readers:

Many are those who have fallen for the stories of so-called contactees, channelers, and experiencers, but can their information be validated by others? In every respect, the information presented via Elena Danaan has been validated by at least one and sometimes several sources, including veteran contactee Alex Collier. Elena is not a channeler, not a follower of an ill-defined New Age “religion”. She is an anthropologist, artist, author, Shaman, and a formally chosen and acknowledged emissary of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. She presents scientifically supported disclosure and maintains a loving and gracious presence despite being targeted by disinformation agents.

Make up your own mind who you are going to believe.


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