A War For Ownership of Your Body?

A War For Ownership of Your Body? Your Body is a technology that you don’t own (until you do!)

Kerry K

For the longest time we have believed ourselves to be free thinkers, intelligent beings of individual thought and operating with full authority over our body. The truth is, there is a battle for ownership over your body and you have come into this incarnation without remembering that your entry into this realm is an attempt to reclaim the body technology, and (re)align it to your soul.

  • The body-soul connection
  • The ego is the hurt self… the wounded child, programmed, enslaved by dark forces
  • Your soul is not inside your body… your body is inside your Soul… the multidimensional infinite Self
  • There is a war over control for the technology of your body — wars that have existed for eons of time
  • Most people are run by their ego
  • A piece of the soul must enter the body upon incarnation… it is imprisoned within the body, which is why we have had to reincarnated repeatedly…
  • The body has already been severed from the Soul… long ago…
  • Your are not your pain…
  • There are beings “out there” to want to block off our access to the Sun
  • The Galactics are allowing some of the radiance of the true Sun to enter into our atmosphere
  • There is a higher version of yourself… you are multidimensional
  • The vaxx was to make the entrapment permanent
  • The entrapment of the 3D consciousness (there are a multitude) versions of Self
  • The former controllers are desperately attempting to stop our connection to the sun
  • Intelligence — what we are is programmed to remain within a box of parameters, there is no free thinking; there is prescribed learning
  • True intelligence is beyond what you think is possible
  • We have never had body autonomy, real freedom, sovereignty, true intelligence
  • Once you see through all of the lies, you begin to reconnect… by surrendering into the unknown, “I know nothing…”
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