Where did the Blue Gods of India come from? — Galactic Anthropology

Yesterday I noticed a number of people from India who were visiting this website. I decided to see if there was anything interesting to say about the connection between certain star races and India, and there certainly is a very intriguing link. This page talks about a certain group of people from the Star System […]

Where did the Blue Gods of India come from? — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

A hardy “YES!” for sharing this truth. The Adari of the Vega system had a colony on Terra for a short time until they were forced to leave by the jealous Ciakahrr. The Terran version of those sky battles, the fight between the Adari and the aggressive Ciakahrr is held within the ancient Vedic texts of Mother India.

As an evolutionary adjustment to the environment of their new home, the skin of the Taal people of Adari took on a distinctive bluish cast… which is the reason why the “gods” or sky people of the Hindus often have bluish skin tones. I call them “sky people” as these Taal colonists were extraterrestrials. Today, the Adari are aligned with the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

It is becoming clear to me that Terra has been visited by many cultures, species, and races throughout her long history (much of which is undocumented by conventional “his-story”).

The Taal were one of the four original Hu-man races seeded within the Lyra system or K62. When forced to flee before the great might of the Ciakahrr military fleet, some of the Taal people chose to migrate to the Vegan system. The Ozman people were already present within this star system, being a much earlier colony of Taal that had developed a highly spiritual culture.

Again, I would highly recommend people to get a copy of Elena Danaan’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, as it provides much-needed information of the various races/species that have interacted and participated in the seeding of Terra. There is also quite a bit of information on the planets and stars of the various systems and which worlds are inhabited. Eventually, scientific studies will verify this information and release it to the world.


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