Who Are the Pleiadians?

The Pleiadian Star System

Who Are the Pleiadians?

Elena Danaan has brought us the most authentic information about these Galactic neighbors of ours. Read the article below for a comprehensive description (including drawings!) of the races from the Lyra star system who ended settling in the open star cluster we call the Pleiades. Go to Elena’s website, find “Interstellar Contacts” and the transcript from her video dated June 8th, 2021, where she interviews Akvaaru. This galactic warrior is from the Jayha star system, a now former Taal Shiar.

6.8.21 – Transcript by Sam Mast

This is one idealistic portrait of what a typical “Pleiadian” looks like, but from Elena’s article, you will find there is more than one type of Pleiadian:

Close to what an Errahil Pleiadian might look like…

Most Taal can pass for Terrans, being of similar builds, hair, skin color, with blue, green, brown or gray eyes.

On the other hand, the Errahil, the Ahel people of the Ashaara system, they are always blonde and blue-eyed, with a slightly more brawny build than the Taal. Commander Ardanna is an Errahel. She wears short white-blonde hair, and stands 6’2″.


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