Studying the Material by Alex Collier and the Andromedans — Galactic Anthropology

Unlike the approach of Elena Danaan, Alex Collier’s information has not appeared in (recent) books, nor have his videos or webinars been freely available. When researching the material by Elena Danaan I can refer to the sources, either in videos, telegramposts or in books, but that was impossible in the case of Alex Collier, since […]

Studying the Material by Alex Collier and the Andromedans — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

Yes, the information presented by Alex Collier through the years does differ in some regards to that presented by Elena Danaan. Alex is coming from a different perspective — his mentors are Andromedan (Zenae). Most of Elena’s are Pleiadian, although not all… there is Annax from the Council of Five, and Oona, of the Seeders, among others.

What it comes down to is not who is “right”, but what you as an explorer of the unknown feel about the information.

When I first encountered Alex’s comment about a coup in the Pleiades, I began to question what I had been told about the Pleiadian federation. Upon listening to Elena’s videos, I discovered that there isn’t a Pleiadian federation and that most of the planets I thought existed actually don’t and never have.

Alex is not particularly fond of the Pleiadians, so his perspective is going to be different from Elena’s.

As disclosure continues to leak out, endeavor… for your own sake… to keep an open mind. There are billions of stars out there with a huge diversity of life and lifeforms. Humanoids come in a great diversity of form, most with the five-pointed star form (head, two arms, two legs) but not all.

Our definition of sentient life is also going to have to expand.

And bottom line, our understanding of our own consciousness is going to undergo a huge expansion. We are limitless beings, not limited solely to one body or one personality. We are fractals of Source.


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