James Gilliland: Planetary Awakening and Healing, Pleiadian Message 

ECETI News #45

Planetary Awakening and Healing, Pleiadian Message 

It is said God works in strange ways, so it is with the beautiful many servants of God/Creator/Great Spirit. We are often taught there is heaven and hell, God and the devil, demons and Angels. This is a very limited view of the multiverse. It is better to view it as levels of consciousness and frequency. Those who adhere to Universal Law and those that don’t. Existing within the demonic realms are fallen Annunaki, serpent beings, royal reptilians, reptilians, tall greys and a host of others. It is better known as the lower astral or 4th dimension. There are also misguided humans whose frequencies are very low due to trauma, or actions outside of Universal Law. Their frequency determines where they go, which is the attitudes, emotions, unhealed wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences as well as actions outside of Universal Law. 

 The higher realms consist of those who got off the wheel of death and rebirth; they are full of love, joy, bliss, higher wisdom and operate within Universal Law. What people refer to as Heavenly realms are not limited to Angels and Ascended Masters. There are whole civilizations of beings that operate from Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness. Let’s not forget the House of Mary, Quan Yin, and a host of other saints and sages. When referring to the Divine Feminine, it is also understood as the Shekinah energies or Goddesses. There are men and women in the higher realms which consist of enlightened Annunaki that never fell, Andromedans, Arcturians, Orion Council of Light, Pleiadians, and a whole host of other civilizations all existing in these higher realms. Some live in a holographic universe, have magnetized light bodies and light ships, others have spiritual or energy bodies and ships, some are less dense physically and all can appear or disappear at will. The multiverse is more vast than any of us can imagine which only adds to the vastness of the source of all life down to the very atom. It is infinitely large and infinitely small. How does this fit into the vibrational lifting, the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth often referred to as the Great Awakening? 

These are the unseen energies both good and evil some call negative and positive which is incorrect due to the necessity of negative and positive for creation. It is best not to connect evil to negative; evil is a whole new category which is best described as those who strayed far away from Universal Law. What we are seeing now is the Great War, The Apocalypse (Greek word meaning “unveiling” or “revelation”) which is best defined as the great uncovering, everything is made known, no rock shall be left unturned, all the iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops. We are going to see the world of opposites, nothing is what it seems. Just look at your agencies and institutions; most have all been corrupted often doing exactly the opposite of their mandate. The justice department has become the “just us” department, the defense departments are in truth the offense departments run by the war industry (military-industrial complex). Most religious institutions use fear, guilt and unworthiness to suppress the God within and become the go-between rather than teach each individual to make their own personal God connection. The environmental movement was hijacked by the very people destroying the environment. We can go on and on. 

This great war has been underway for billions of years. It is finally coming to a head and it did not begin on Earth; it began in the heavenly realms or higher dimensions. The majority of this galaxy has been cleaned up, yet the fallen ones are heavily entrenched in the political, business and religious institutions on Earth. What you are witnessing is the unraveling of agencies and institutions that no longer serve the people; they are not operating within Universal Law. They have become self-serving to the point where they have become an extreme disservice to the very people that created them. We are skirting the edge of religious beliefs and enlightenment yet enlightenment has to come to religion. The golden threads that bind all humanity together within all religions needs to take first and foremost priority. We have to unite to deal with what is unfolding. We also need to unite with the greater family of man, the heavenly realms throughout the multiverse.  

The Earth has a long history of contact with other worldly beings. Some in service helping humanity to evolve, some in self-service. Annunaki means “those who came from heaven to Earth”, some very advanced beings came to Earth and set up colonies repeatedly. They were the temple builders dating back millions of years. They were the bearded gods, not to be confused with the Creator of and within all Creation. Some acted within Universal Law, others were evolved tyrants (technologically advanced, not spiritually evolved). This is where the images of jealous wrathful gods and all loving all forgiving gods came from. The Egyptian gods, the Greek gods, even the Hebrew gods, Jehovah and Yahweh, all fit into these categories. Some were exquisitely beautiful beings, wise and loving, some were not. They consist of men, women, some were hybrids between man and animal. They are replete within all religions; many (of their hybrids) are still with us. Whenever you have a name, an image or identity you have a lesser god. 

God is the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse, which in its most unlimited expression is pure unconditional love, joy and bliss. It is the universal field in which we all exist. It is total freedom, the divine right to free will yet with freedom and free will comes responsibility to act within Universal Law. It was asked, “Where is God?” (The answer is) “It is closer than the hair on your head.” In fact, it is the hair on your head, the hair on everyone else’s head as well, it is omnipresent. SOURCE God/Creator/Great Spirit is omnipresent within everyone and everything. The path to enlightenment is not and never was external. You access it through the heart “Love” which is connected to your soul which is connected to the Creator. You will meet a lot of entities along the way as you pass through the dimensions. We would suggest not allowing them to distract you, make your connection to Creator first priority, you can always go back.  

The intellect or personality is a terrible and limited master, “often ending in disaster.” The heart connected to the soul and Creator is the better, more unlimited way. Self-mastery and developing one’s inner sensitivity are imperative in the days to come. It is how you determine who is who and their intentions in the multidimensional world we live in beyond the body and the personality. Meditation, prayer, learning how to create sacred space, heal unseen negative influences, set boundaries and get out in nature and act within Universal Law is the best advice we can give you. There is a Cherokee saying that best describes Universal Law. “If it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good and think of the next seven generations in all that you do.” In its simplest form Universal Law is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Use this as a guide for discernment. 

Do not depend on exterior saviors, exterior institutions, exterior information, anything that divides or does not empower you to make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection. 

This information will be parroted by others as their own creating another distraction with ulterior motives. This information is given to empower the individual, not to assist others in creating followings. 

 Which brings us to those acting outside of Universal Law, seen and unseen. As we said, the Great War is multidimensional. There are the controllers, the enslavers seen and unseen, some see humanity and all creation with great disdain. They are the darker realms in lower 4d, the war and disease profiteers, the international bankers, the Satanic/Luciferians which practice child sacrifice, many are involved with drug, sex and child trafficking. There are other acts too graphic for most to comprehend. They are controlled and influenced by the darker demonic realms which we described earlier. Enlightenment means being in knowledge of both sides of the coin. It is not dealing with half truths so as not to upset one’s followings. 

 It is time for humanity to wake up, take charge of your multidimensional selves. If you are unaware of what is happening in the fields of consciousness and energy around you, you will be influenced and subject to them. Many weak-minded (persons with) soul connection challenges (negative karma) have fallen victim to this. Always remember just because you are dead does not mean you are enlightened and just because you are an ET does not mean you are benevolent. It is naïve to think otherwise.  

Always remember you are divine; you have the ability to make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit Connection. You have the ability to channel the full power of the Creator through the heart into every situation. The ultimate power in the universe which is Love. The heavenly realms and higher dimensional beings are supporting this. Accept nothing less. Everything is being amplified and accelerated. We no longer have the luxury of operating outside of Universal Law. The beautiful many in the heavenly and higher dimensions are the multidimensional side of the Great Awakening. Never forget, God Wins. Watch the skies…

Be well, be happy, be of service, 

James Gilliland


Mt. Adams, SW Washington State


Note to Readers:

James’ message this week is informing us that the multiverse or omniverse consists of all things seen and unseen. What some men have called “evil” is simply low-frequency behavior. Some beings exist in low-frequency, committing acts of violence against others… acts which are ultimately committed against themselves, although they would vehemently deny such an understanding.

Humanity on Earth or Terra are now in the process of learning to discern frequencies. All institutions that have been created with a low-frequency agenda work against the enlightenment of the individual or the collective.

It is ironic to finally be able to see with a degree of neutrality, that the very existence of most institutions is to work against humanity. This includes religions and spirituality as generally defined. For example, take the New Age “cage” belief system that you must not focus on “negative” things… everything must be high vibe, light and love or by some you are judged as being unevolved. The ability to see reality as it is not as you would have it, is the mark of someone who is waking up from the illusion.

Each individual is responsible for their soul evolution. You cannot be handed your ascension; you must do the work yourself.

The first step towards enlightenment is to acknowledge yourself as you are today. It does not matter what you have done in the past or what others feel or think about you. Self-acceptance is the first step onto the path that will lead you to your Self, your omnipresent expanded Self that exists beyond time and space and is part and parcel of Source Creator God energy.

We all live and have our being within Source energy. God does not have a name. God Source is beyond all names. Those beings who came to Terra long ago or even more recently are simply other manifestations of Source energy, a part of the Whole.

The Anunnaki (a label that includes many extraterrestrial life forms) included both low-frequency (lower 4th density) and high frequency, highly evolved beings. The Sumerian word, “Anunnaki” has been translated by modern scholars to mean “those who came from the sky”, an obvious reference to non-terrestrial beings arriving on Terra in star ships.

The low-frequency beings include a wide range of various Hu-man races that have interacted with humanity, as well as non-humanoid beings like the Ciakahrr and Nagai reptilians, the various low-frequency Grey species, and some hu-mans (Altair, Taal Shiar, Ashkeri of Thula – Sirius B).

The high frequency races include benevolent Grey races, benevolent Reptilian races, benevolent humanoids (Arcturians, Zenae, Centuarians, the Katay (“Sirians” from Ashkera star system, what we call Sirius A), the Laan, etc. There are many other species including sentient amphibians, Insectoids, etc. The list of sentient races/species found in Elena Danaan’s book, A Gift from the Stars, touches on approximately one hundred races/species that have interacted with Earth humanity through millions of years.

We have much to learn about ourselves and how we have been manipulated into believing that we are less than those who have asserted ownership over this planet, whether physically present or not, seen or unseen.

Basically, all present systems are corrupted. Evolution and realization of just how expanded your consciousness is, must derive from within. If you are not aware of your own feelings, you can be manipulated.

Earth humanity contains within its genetics the DNA of over twenty different species/races. Alex Collier states that Earth humanity is considered genetic royalty due to the presence of such a variety of genetic strains. We also contain within our genome an ability to transcend dimensions, to create and manifest simply by focusing our attention on something. Until recently, Earth humans have been considered farm animals to feed off of by many low-frequency species, including the Ciakahrr and negative Anunnaki. Our institutions were created by the manipulation of our consciousness to be used against our evolution, to suppress our expansion into higher dimensions and frequencies. No more. Humanity is waking up.

See things from a neutral point of view, the Middle Way as realized by Buddha. Then, acknowledge and allow your feelings to surface and move through you without you needing to analyze what/where/why. Our emotions are simply waves of energy moving through us. They get stuck and suppressed within our energetic field if we deem them negative and attempt to deny or stuff them into a closet, being unwilling to face them. At some point, you will have to face them… by allowing them to surface, percolate up and flow through you… by you sitting with them without judgment of self or others.

We are mirrors for each other. Often times when we get angry with someone, we are really angry with ourselves and act out by projecting fear/shame/blame onto another to make ourselves feel better at least temporarily. That feeling does wear off eventually and then we drop into the same repetitive unconscious cycle. It takes strength of will and acknowledgment of self as you are now to step free and begin to arrive at a place of self-acceptance. This will lead you to self-forgiveness, to forgiveness of others, and eventually to self-love and love of others. Unity consciousness arrives last… if you cannot accept yourself, you cannot love or serve others. If you cannot love your Self, you cannot know what others feel. By arriving at internal Wholeness, you serve others as an example of how they can also be. If they reject you it is because they reject themselves; they have not arrived at an inner place of neutrality.

It is up to you to chose whether to stay or go if you are in the presence of low-frequency beings. It is not up to you to judge them or to heal them. By flinging judgments or opinions at others simply means you have not arrived at neutrality, beyond judgment… and are not in a state of self-acceptance… for you, as a fractal of Source, are other… The other whom you judge is simply another part of your omnipresent Self that is in a state of temporary low frequency, believing that what some call “God” is a danger to itself. Yet darkness contains within itself the very seeds of its own demise. Like a black hole, it eventually implodes upon itself and turns into Light.

Ah, enough already…



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