Alex Collier – Full Webinar #9 – April 22, 2016

Alex Collier – Full Webinar #9 – April 22, 2016

Alex Collier Official

As a special treat for all of you who have subscribed to the Official Alex Collier YouTube Channel, we decided that we would upload Alex’s ninth live webinar in its entirety. This webinar is Webinar 9 from April 22, 2016. It is just over 105 minutes long, and Alex has a 40-minute monologue before answering questions for the remaining 65 minutes. We have uploaded several of the questions from webinar nine, and as a special treat, here’s the full webinar. Enjoy πŸ™‚

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  • Nibiru
  • Black holes
  • Interdimensional travel
  • Universal Holograph
  • Plasma
  • etc.
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