Jehovah vs Lord (Enlil vs Enki aka EA)

Jehovah vs Lord (Enlil vs Enki aka EA) – Two Brothers From Nibiru

It has often been wondered why the biblical God of the Hebrews led them through trials and tribulations, floods and disaster when, from time to time, he appears to have performed with a quite contrary and merciful personality. The answer is that, although now seemingly embraced as the One God by the Jewish and Christian faiths, there was originally a distinct difference between the figures of Jehovah and the Lord. They were, in fact, quite separate deities. The god referred to as Jehovah was traditionally a storm god – a god of wrath and vengeance – whereas the god referred to as the Lord, was a god of fertility and wisdom.

Note to Readers:

Enlil, the HALF-brother of Enki, detested humanity and continually wanted to reduce the populations

Enki or EA, was a Master geneticist, who was desirous of improving the genetics of the emerging humanity.

According to Elena Danaan, Enki has returned with the original Seeders of humanity in this galaxy. The Seeders are made up of 24 high frequency highly evolved star races.

Recently, there has been a disinformation campaign to smear Enki. It has been manufactured by the Deep State, many of whom are hybrid descendants of Enlil and his followers…

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