Julie Green & Bo Polny: Kings of the Earth Are About to Weep and Wail

Julie Green & Bo Polny: Kings of the Earth Are About to Weep and Wail

Bo Polny

The people of United States (and the Commonwealth) have been under “secret” bondage for the last 70 years…

Julie Green is a prophet. Her prophetic word about Prince Charles: “You will be stripped of your power and will never wear a crown…”

Think about it. There is a King greater than any royalties. The “Master” King is/was the pope (Vatican) They decide if Charles III will be crowned King and what happens When Pedophile pope and his men is not there anymore, then what?

Remember, the Vatican is the slaveholder of souls and Gold bearer for wealth. Royalty (City of London) is the controller of Fiat Wealth – because the Vatican can then steal from you and me – and manager of all business via “The Bar association) Washington DC is the actor of business via UCC and reports back to Vatican via taxes all over the would.

What happened yesterday was pure business, but Charles was not happy with the papers he had to sign.
The Pope/Vatican will never crown any King/Queen anymore as I see it. And so Charles can not assume as true King.

If a future royalty is to be in UK and if rumors are true about Princess Diana, Charles will be arrested for his actions as a Pedophile man. All titles to him will be lost. Camilla is not his wife, if Princess Diana lives and so she will be the new Queen. 😊

According to some sources, the current royal line in Britain has been descended from a bastard line stemming from Edward IV, who was a bastard. His brother’s line should have been the royals…

A lot of suppressed information is going to revealed.

Note to Readers:

Charles has NOT be crowned; he is NOT king, yet.

These are Christian-based prophecies. Interesting, but take it with a grain of salt…

We are living through prophetic times… “London Bridge is falling down, falling down, my fair lady…”

Every single President of the US (except Trump and Van Buren) have a blood-line to King John of England (you know, the guy with the Magna Charta?)

We are witnessing the fall of “the Harlot”… England has secretly controlled the United States since the Revolutionary War. This has been documented elsewhere.

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