The Hurdle and the Next Stage of Consciousness

The Hurdle and the Next Stage of Consciousness

Kerry K

The Universe is swiftly moving you out of the future and the past, it’s doing some serious maneuvering to get you into a new stage of consciousness, one that sees you evolving into a higher version of you that can no longer operate in the past and the future. You are being ushered into the Now which is a timelessness, an ever presence, and an entirely new sense of being. To be here, I’m giving you an activation in the form of this conversation and 6 steps to support you in gracefully jumping through the hurdle that you are currently facing. Fear is the hurdle but it’s here to grow you, not to disempower you.

  • Thank the fear
  • Feel compassion for yourself as you move through the fear
  • Sit with excitement, address the fear… as you begin to contemplate as you release this fear
  • Allow (be receptive to) your elevation/healing — use your breathe
  • Reciprocate by giving “a gift” – being kind to someone else, expressing gratitude, creates balance and more elevation
  • Commit to your growth
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