X22 Report, Ep. 2879, 20th Sept. 2022

Ep. 2879a – The Real Currency War Has Begun, Economic Structure Change Coming

Bosch is now warning that there might be a shortage of batteries just like there is a shortage of energy. The resident’s (FJB) plan to convince the people that everything is back to normal in regards to fuel and inflation has backfired on him. The [CB] is marching forward with the [CBDC], the battle has begun.

Ep. 2879b – Pre Public Awareness Operational, Like Clock Work, Attacks Will Intensify

The [DS] is struggling, Trump and the patriots are now exposing the [DS] and are in the process of making the people aware of what is really going on with the FBI/DOJ. The awareness phase is now operational. The [DS] will continue to attack as Trump continues to draw attention to Q . This is being done on purpose, how to do you catch the criminals in the act? You trap them. The [DS] has no other path to follow, the pain will continue and as the [DS] feels the pain they will resort to violence. Game over.

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