X22 Report, Ep. 2880, 21st September 2022

Ep. 2880a – The Fed Just Did It Again, Raised Rates, Optics Are Important

As the Fed pushes its agenda the economy is collapse has been accelerated. The people are seeing that the Fed is not helping the situation but causing the problem that we are seeing in the economy. Gov DeSantis is now reducing taxes to help the people get through a difficult time.

Ep. 2880b – The Public Is Vital, Release Of Info Is Vital, Outrage, Justice, It’s Happening

Trump and the patriots have brought the [DS] to exactly where they want them. The public must know the truth, they must see the real crimes, the people will get angry as this builds, there will be outrage and the people will demand justice. This is all playing out right now. The people are watching the treasonous criminals coverup their own crimes as the their crimes are being exposed at the same time. Soon the people will not be able to take it anymore and they will push for justice. Up until now the criminal syndicate has been putting on a show of justice, this is about to change. Justice is coming.  

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