X22 Report, Ep. 2881, 22 September 2022

Ep. 2881a – Countries Are Making The Move Away From The [CBDC], More Will Follow

Fuel prices are starting to move up again, soon the people are going to see that the Biden administration lied to the people once again. Countries are now moving away from the [CBDC], as time goes on more and more countries will make the move.

Ep. 2881b – Scavino Message Received, The Direction Is Clear, Justice Is Coming

The [DS] is trapped in their own corruption. The people are watching the lies, corruption, the treasons crimes and they are seeing how the country has been infiltrated and how they (the DS) are desperate to coverup their crimes. The [DS] push is failing, everything they try now will be exposed and the people will see the truth. As the country goes down the tubes, the people will demand change, justice and accountability. This time is approaching quickly.

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