X22 Report, Ep. 2882 (a & b) 23 September 2022

Ep. 2882a – Trump Trapped The [CB]/Biden Administration In The Economy, No Way Out

The Green New Deal is hitting a wall. People are starting to understand that EVs are not the answer. The economy was propped up during Trump’s time in the WH, so it will crash during Biden time in the WH.

IMHO, the Fiat Central Bank currency has been on life support for over 20 years… probably since the U.S. went off the Gold Standard in 1973!

Ep. 2882b – Space Force Is Very Important, The [DS] Lies Are About To Be Exposed, Judgement Is Coming

 The [DS] is now floundering, those who said that spying was lie, and that they were trying to protect America, this is going to boomerang on them and it will show that they are treasonous to the US. These are the same people that overthrew the US government. Judgement is coming and the Space force is every important. Trump caught them all and he has it all. Time is ticking down and the truth will expose their lies. 

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