ALEX COLLIER: Return of Enki, ETs Preventing Nuclear War & Restoring Adamic DNA

Alex Collier: Return of Enki, ETs Preventing Nuclear War & Restoring Adamic DNA

Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

Alex Collier, a long-time Andromedan Contactee, reveals what he knows about the return of Enki, the Anunnaki geneticist who played a leading role in the genetic modification of humanity. Alex explains how the Anunnaki’s genetic experiments were the latest in a series of modifications of early humans by up to 22 extraterrestrial civilizations stretching back millions of years in time. He describes some of the races that preceded the Anunnaki’s genetic intervention, and why humanity’s innate potential was recognized by Enki, but opposed by his half brother and rival, Enlil.

Alex shares his insights about Elena Danaan’s claims in her latest book, The Seeders, that Enki has returned with the code of humanity’s 12 stranded Adamic DNA. After Enki’s departure due to an Anunnaki civil war, humanity’s Adamic DNA was corrupted by the victorious Enlil faction, which wanted to degrade surviving humans to a simple slave species. Alex believes that restoration of the Adamic DNA can be achieved through both technological and spiritual means, and that an alliance of extraterrestrials and White Hats will expedite the process.

He also discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine and why extraterrestrials will not allow nuclear weapons to be used in the conflict. A gray area, however, involves a dirty bomb which could be detonated as part of a false flag operation by the Deep State.

Alex Collier’s insights on the Anunnaki, nuclear weapons, the final days of the Deep State, and realization of humanity’s galactic potential, are a series of eye opening revelations that outline the incredible future that lies ahead for humanity.

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Note to Readers: (brief outline of contents)


  • ETs were wearing encounter suits — technology
  • Oxygen content of our air has been altered
  • 24 genetic markers are contained within some Earth humans
  • Our physicality can adapt to any environment; DNA needs to be “turned on”; our genetics are EXTREMELY rare in that regard
  • The Anunnaki were the last piece in modifying the human genome — they turned “off” the third strand of DNA so we were more easily controllable after that…
  • Programming, indoctrination, rules/laws shape & form an obedient society so people are kept enslaved (through their own “free will”)
  • Enki gave us part of his own DNA (and his partner’s)
  • Enlil did not get along with his half-brother
  • Enlil attempted to drown the human race during the Great Flood
  • Enlil was the true bloodline prince of Anu, the Anunnaki ruler
  • Enlil was psychopathic, destroyer of life
  • The Vatican, etc. know the TRUE story; Earth humanity only have a 5% view of reality, makes us more controllable
  • Divide and conquer, multiple languages, multiple religions… kept humanity under control
  • Nuclear wars were used thousands of years ago to wipe out whole civilizations
  • Enki wanted to enhance Earth human genetics
  • Enlil left, but left the controllers
  • Enki returned with the Seeders; Morenay told Alex that he would be returning
  • Enki was given supremacy over the planet temporarily; humanity was doing all of the labor
  • Enki was promised by Anu that he would have rulership over the planet
  • Pyramid wars with Marduk – Alex verified this with his Andromedan connections
  • Enki had to leave the planet
  • Enlil simply tolerated humanity and set us on a path to self-destruction
  • Hybrid Nephilim bloodline, poverty, structures set in place to destroy humanity
  • We lost our history, who we were
  • Arabic texts have recorded the ancient knowledge — has been ignored and suppressed by conventional archaeology
  • etc.

Wow! Alex is a gem.

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