What Came First? The Lyran or the Orion Wars? — Galactic Anthropology

When I first heard about the Lyran Wars I used to think it made sense to place them before the Orion Wars, but recently some doubts have been cast about this. In order to understand our history it may turn out to be relevant to make up your mind about what you think is to […]

What Came First? The Lyran or the Orion Wars? — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

Thought-provoking article (see above). However, as I understand it from my limited research, the Lyran Wars came first.

Hu-mans were first seeded into the Man system by the Pa-tal; the Laan (feline appearance), the Ahil (tall, muscular, blonde, blue-eyed), the Noori, giant-sized (8 ft. tall, blonde, muscular, blue-eyed, peaceful); and the Taal (brown/black hair, variety of eye colors, 6 ft. or so, look the closest to Earth humans). Patal is a collective name for a council consisting of 24 Seeder races/species, not all human. Elena Danaan has drawn pictures of representations of each of these races in her new book, The Seeders.

The constellation of Lyra consists of several star systems, each with planets and moons. What we call “Lyra” usually refers to these original planets in the Man system, which is confusing. The Man system is also referred to as Kepler 62 or K-62. It was “discovered” by Kepler. The original peoples of “Lyra” no longer live there. The current inhabitants are reptiloids under the control of the Ciakahrr.

When the Ciakahrr arrived on the scene, they wanted the great interdimensional portal that the Man system guarded. The Hu-mans of the system were peaceful and basically unarmed. The Ciakahrr studied them for awhile and then decided to seize and attack the planets. Egoria, the home planet of the Laan, was attacked first. Some of the Laan managed to escape in arks. They scattered across the galaxy creating colonies and being master geneticists, interbred with indigenous species of Grays or changed their own genetics to suit their new environment.

The Taal managed to arrange a ceasefire with the Ciakahrr and left their planet in two arks. One ended up going to the Orion system. The other one headed for another nearby star system within the Lyra “constellation” which we call Vega (Adara). And so on.

Some of the Taal who first went to Adara, moved onto Ashkera (Sirius star system), there becoming the Katayy of Kashta (Sirius A) and the hybrid Taal-Ashkeri (Gray/Taal) of Morga/Thula (Sirius B). Much later on, the T-Ashkeri were infiltrated by the Nebu and Ciakahrr.

Ahil, Taali, and Noori settlers also ended up in the young star cluster we call the Pleiades. These talented, highly scientific people terraformed new planets, first around the star we call Taygeta (Ashaara) and then a splinter group terraformed the Alcyone (Jayha) system. The latter Taali group became the Taal Shiar and aligned themselves with the Ciakahrr and later the Nebu and Kiily Tokurt.

The Orion Wars started well after all this “Lyran” colonization was completed.

The Anunnaki played a part in the drama, but to what extent I do not know yet. They used to control the huge interdimensional portal found within the Orion Nebula. The Orion Wars were fought over this portal. The Nebu or Alliance of Six was the primary “enemy” during the Orion Wars, against much older races which had lived in peace in the Orion system. Like Alex Collier said, the wars lasted a long time, some 600,000 years in Earth time.

There was also the Earth Wars, as our planet and the portal located within this solar system (between Jupiter and Saturn) was also much sought over. Early “humanity” had already been seeded on Terra by this time… by our original mothers and fathers, eleven (11) Seeder races. Another story, another article…


P.S. As you can see from my extremely brief synopsis above, it is extremely foolish to channel “beings” from “Lyra”, the “Pleiades” and/or “Sirius”. Who are you really channeling? Most of the time, it is alien AI, plugged into the old matrix by the Nebu. Your DNA remembers lifetimes spent in these distant worlds, which is why these names call to you, soul memory. The Nebu and Ciakahrr use these words as triggers to entice unsuspecting lightworkers into distractions like attempting to discover your twin flame, etc. I know; I was one… I managed to walk away. Not all are successful.

Unplug and connect with your own heart flame and to Source. Whatever you need to know you will find within.

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