Enki’s Account on the Fall of Atlantis — Galactic Anthropology

Before the publication of Elena’s latest book ‘The Seeders‘ (1) I decided to write a trilogy (2-4) on the reasons for the destruction of Atlantis. I described three sources and their take on this important event in our history with the intent to eventually compare it with the variant that would be brought forth by […]

Enki’s Account on the Fall of Atlantis — Galactic Anthropology

Notes to Readers:

I will have to review the source materials before commenting too much on this article. In the past, it has been my understanding that there were at least three subsidences of portions of Atlantis. The final flood may have occurred during the sudden end of the Lesser Dryas… for which an exact cause has yet to be determined. I also understand that the Pleiadians… those from Erra (possibly) would have gotten into an altercation with the Anunnaki colony on Tiamat (which is now the asteroid zone between Mars and Jupiter). The stories vary quite a bit from author to author. Someday, when we have regained our full consciousness and access to our Akashic records, we will know without question from our own perspective. It is one thing to be told by others; it is altogether different when you know something from the bottom of your heart and very Being. Still, a generalized series of events is being correlated about a former island kingdom that many did not know even existed. I did… even as a child. I had several lifetimes on Atlantis which are still a little hazy now probably due to all of the trauma involved. The dark strands of duality were being woven into the tapestry of humanity drawing it ever downward in frequency. It wasn’t a pleasant time… and much of our history has been purposefully suppressed or hidden from our view to prevent humanity from understanding their roots stem from many worlds, not just this one. I would venture to comment that many so-called legends and mythology scoffed at by conventional (bought and paid for) academia have some grains of truth woven into them that are more historic than we realize.

The Vimanas of Hindu legends

When was the last time the Dragons flew across the skies of Terra or tall white-blonde humans reigned on an exquisite island continent? When did the intricate Vimanas fly from continent to continent? Many questions, many stories, many encounters with peoples from other worlds and timelines. I once read a fictionalized version of the latter days of Atlantis written by Marion Zimmer Bradley, a famous science fiction/fantasy author. In the past, I have often discovered more truth hidden in plain sight within fictional stories than what passes for scientific studies.


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1 Response to Enki’s Account on the Fall of Atlantis — Galactic Anthropology

  1. elga13 says:

    thank you i find it highly interesting,,memories stir,, the past is the future ,,there is nothing new in this universe or any other, for we are creating as we go along,, mother/father God is within us so with him/her we are everything,,
    i love your journal i love the energy it emanates,, i thank you,, i love the articles


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