Anon Audio File #22: RECKONING

US Mil Mass Arrests are Underway | Deep State Desperate to Flee | US Marines Domestic Ops, 11/2/22

SGAnon discloses information relating to the current mass arrests that have been authorized by the US military, as well tunnel destruction, USMC operations domestically in SoCal USA, and elsewhere, as well as continued military alliance coordination.

  • Under the six-day clock
  • tremendous amount of events that have occurred during October
  • Collision day — “Mid-term election day” – a “pivotal” day
  • Scavino decode – trusted associate of #45
  • Delta/time stamp Q drop 51
  • Signed by “the WHs” – the White Hats
  • Nine different militaries present above US air space
  • Military ops – MASS ARRESTS HAVE BEGUN
  • Deep State criminals who are left are PANICKED
  • 24/7 ops — hunting for every one of the DS players
  • Human traffickers / organ traffickers – grizzly findings
  • West Coast the worst
  • Mass arrests will become public
  • Military has been monitoring elections for YEARS
  • Full-scale implosion / eradication of the DEEP STATE
  • “Peek-a-boo”
  • Rallies – beginning 11/8 different tone to rallies, information opportunities? (SG Anon’s opinion)
  • wholesale tunnel destruction – forced the DS out from underground
  • Cut-off their life-lines – how they have always escaped or committed nefarious deeds
  • Next 30 to 40 days will be WORLD-ALTERING for everyone
  • High cost for those involved – high stakes game for humanity’s future
  • Repeat – mass arrests are underway
  • Shock can be a powerful teacher (for the sleepers)
  • We are moving into an era of Light and Peace



Sitting “president” of nothing
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