Two Biological Types of Anunnaki? — Galactic Anthropology

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Two Biological Types of Anunnaki? — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

Again, Joost, presents us with some interesting questions. Now, I’ll give some of my input. However, I do not have anything to base my opinions on as I have not personally met with Prince Ea (Enki) or seen any others of his relatives as has Ms. Elena Danaan.

Now, hair vs hairless… For one thing, the Anunnaki race is a hybrid race, although it’s unclear precisely what races constitute that mixture.

From what I have observed during the clean-out of the D.U.M.B.s numerous hybrid children were discovered, delivered from horrendous conditions in their underground quarters… which often consisted of a cage. Some of the hybrid children carry more human DNA; others, less. As I understand it, most purebred Grays are all hairless. Some of the hybrid children look more human and others do not. For these reasons, the children have been removed to worlds where adults will properly take care of them and not judge them for their antecedents or looks.

As a hybrid race, perhaps from a union with the Eban Grays, who are a tall Gray, with the shorter white-blonde, green,-eyed T-Ashkeri hybrid (Lyran Taali & indigenous Grays on Morga in the Ashkera star system, aka Sirius B), so individuals proceeding from this blend would, like the hybrid children mentioned above, carry more or less human vs Gray genome and vice versa. At least for several generations, unless there is further interbreeding with human females, the Anunnaki would probably look more like their tall Eban ancestors. Most Grays have black eyes, while it is noted that at least some Anunnaki have other eye colors… which is most probably a mark of their human ancestry from the Taali of the Man system (Lyra). Another thing, some of the children who appear more Gray also contain Gray souls that are connected to the Hive, their Queen. The hybrid children who carry more human DNA in their make-up, will contain a human soul. It does make a difference, which is why these hybrids should not be welcomed on Earth. Our planet is meant for Earth humans and our own unique genetic inheritance. All of this information was gleaned from my readings of the books of Elena Danaan and by watching her many videos.

As I understand genetics, not all characteristics show up in the following generations unless there is a careful pre-selection of the desired outcome in the resulting child. Even then, surprises do occur. With a mixed blood/species race, I feel it would be quite possible to have one brother with hair and another without hair. Also, remember Prince Ea is a MASTER geneticist, highly skilled, and capable of creating whatever kind of avatar he wishes.

In the case of Enki and Enlil, according to Elena’s recent attendance at a High Council meeting, which she describes in a recent video, Elena actually saw Enlil or at least a holographic image of him. Elena described Enlil as being taller and more robust than his half brother, with a larger head, broad/high cheekbones, and golden eyes. While Elena described his yellow jumpsuit, I do not remember whether or not she mentioned if Enlil had any hair on his head.

From the latest portraits and reports deriving from Elena, Enki has a slender build, is shorter than his half-brother, is bald (in keeping with his Gray genetic inheritance) but has beautiful slanted clear blue eyes set in a pale face. I suppose we have to take into consideration Enki’s original genetic inheritance from his mother. Namely, have we ever been told whether she was a Gray or an T-Ashkeru from Sirius B or elsewhere?

Now, since their custodianship over this planet was wrestled away from even Enlil some 5,700 years ago by the Ciakahrr (Reptilian alliance), and Enki left the planet probably long before then, it is possible that both individuals have had created for them various avatar bodies to enable them to continue their physical existence… by merely moving their consciousness from one body to another.

Since Prince Ea was no longer present on Terra, it seems only logical that he would now take on the appearance of his own hybrid race, appearing as a tall, bald humanoid. Remember, he has beautiful blue eyes, a signature sign of a part Lyran human genetic inheritance.

I would venture to suggest that the information on the Anunnaki described by Elena in her book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, was perhaps colored by the ages-long disputes with the GFW and other Nataru Councils over the custodianship of this planet, Earth/Terra. There was some… dare I say, conjecture on the possible origins of the Anunnaki and from whence they had come. As Elena has garnered further information and finally met with a real live Anunnaki prince, she should certainly come to her own conclusions, rather than simply relying on information given to her from others, even members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds… who understandably regard the Anunnaki as being irritants, alongside their sometime allies, the Ciakahrr and the Orion Alliance. BTW, the “ki” in their name means “Earth”… so they are the people of Anu who controlled Terra for a very long time.

As it so happens, the Anunnaki have recently received a dressing down from the representatives of the Intergalactic Confederation, who, as the original Seeders of humanity on Terra, regard themselves as the original and legal custodians of Earth humans, not the Anunnaki.

Anyway, I have diverted from the original topic, the appearance of the Anunnaki and whether or not there was two different types of this intelligent, masterful race. As I stated above, it is a hybrid race and even among later generations, there is the possibility that appearances would differ.

As for the lack of beards, perhaps the original “shining ones” wanted to appear, at least temporarily, more like Earth humans. And there is the possibility that the prevailing artistic interpretation of the Sumerians dictated the presence of beards and long styled hair in any renditions of their leaders and those they claimed as “gods”… who were anything but divine beings.

Enki is back, with his ship the great spherical Nibiru. His half-brother Enlil has been judged and imprisoned for his misdeeds on Earth and elsewhere. Anu, the Father, has been summoned and informed that the Anunnaki can no longer lay claim to Terra. And Enki has redeemed his people’s karmic debt by presenting the Intergalactic Confederation with the original unblemished Adamic DNA so all current and future Earth humans are able to have their DNA repaired after centuries of abuse from our now former regressive controllers… Enki is also fully aligned with the evolutionary objectives of the Intergalactic Confederation, the GFW, Council of Five, and the Andromeda Council, the latter three councils that represent the free worlds of Nataru (the Milky Way Galaxy). These benevolent ETs are now overseeing the successful healing of Earth humanity as we begin to acknowledge our unique genetic inheritance and unlimited potential to impact the entire Universe.

There were at least two castes of Anunnaki involved on Earth, too, the laborers, the Igigi, and the rulers like Enki and his half-brother general Enlil.

I am sure that Elena Danaan and other contactees will continue to enlighten us with further information about many of the races and species with whom we will eventually have an opportunity to meet in person.


P.S. I am reminded of the description given of the sleeping giant’s appearance… he had a very long beard, so it would appear that at least some of the original avatars (physical bodies) of the Anunnaki were designed to fit the Earth environment. This is something ET races do when encountering a new and perhaps challenging environment to their original avatar vehicles; they adapt.

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