Two Realities as we approach the tipping point…

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Text by Laura Aboli

Lately it feels like we are experiencing two different realities, and as time progresses these two realities are not only becoming more defined, they are also becoming more polarised.

Some of you will have no idea what I am talking about, whilst others will immediately be able to relate to my words. This is yet again, another example of this dual reality we are confronted with.

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in humanity’s evolution, a tipping point, a quantum leap, a transformation. Some of us can see this imminent ‘awakening’ and it has not only become our reality, it has become the motive for our current existence.

Everything that is happening we see through the lens of this extremely necessary evolutionary change that is finally here to transform us and the world for the better.

We not only hold it as our truth, we try to bring it to light for others to see. It is critical after all, that more and more people switch to this reality; collective consciousness is the most powerful engine of creation, and one we must use to save ourselves.

But we are cognitive of the fact that this is a reality that only some of us are experiencing. Many others cannot see it nor understand it. In fact, it’s not even registering with them! So just as if we lived in parallel universes, some go about life suffering and accepting the situation with no awareness, no true understanding and no appreciation of how everything is about to change, whilst others are acutely aware of how important it is to seek truth, to claim sovereignty, to reject the dystopian reality and to raise our frequencies and consciousness to match the reality we seek.

Those of us that see how humanity is about to go through a metamorphosis comparable to that which the worm experiences to become a butterfly, have had to face many difficult moments to get here.

The journey has not been easy. It takes courage to face certain truths and humility to accept that a lot of what you based your life on, was a lie.

Only when you are willing to let go of everything you were taught and look at things with an open mind and an honest heart, can you begin the journey of awakening.

As you do, bear in mind, you are indeed stepping into another reality and the further you go, the further apart you will move from those that have still not started the journey.

You are taking a road less travelled, away from mainstream, a road out of the matrix. Congratulations.

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GFW Scout Ship

A Message From Cmdr. Thor Han: Keep Hope in Your Heart

“I will need today to tell everyone who are listening to keep hope. I know there is a lot of fear, but you will tell your grandchildren that in these times you were there, when the darkest night of the human species came to turn and when you saw hope rising from the horizon of your future, you were there, heart beating, steadily filled with hope and determination. You were there because you were chosen to be warriors, soldiers, in this time when the Terran human species just ended this longest night and walked away towards the sunrise of this new dawn. You were there, you will tell your grandchildren, and sometimes you will tell them that you were quite scared but you never lost hope, and you never let the shadows get at you. Sometimes they tried to trigger your mind but never did you fail, never did you ever fall into that trap because you were the warriors, and your grandchildren being born in a world of love, light and fraternity, will look at you with amazed big eyes, and they will say: “we cannot imagine, tell us more of this old world”, and you will tell them: “I was born in the old world and I have seen it dying, and I have seen the rising of the new world, and this new world, myself and all the others of my generation, we built it for you, our children”. And your children and your grandchildren will look at you with admiration and gratitude, because you understand, you are the last generation who will have seen the old world. So be excited, be proud, this is now, it is happening, do not let your minds be subverted by illusions, by false promises, by fear, by dissensions and fights, you are the transition, you are making the transition happen, be proud, this is my message, we are watching you.”

Thor Han, November 29 2020.
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Note to Readers:

I’ve been aware that I was wired differently than many of the people with whom I have shared moments in my life. Now I begin to understand that it was for this time that I came to be here on Terra.

We have entered into where there exists a huge disparity between those who are awake, at least to varying degrees, and those who refuse to budge even in the face of tyranny. Some are so overwhelmed by their fear of change that they will do everything within their power to deny that anything is off or out of alignment.

Those of us who can view the world with a degree of detachment and compassion, as well as adaptability and the ability to flow with changes in circumstances will have a better chance at surviving the great battle we are all about to be immersed within.

Do not go into fear. As Paul in the book Dune oft repeated, “Fear is the mind-killer!” What he meant was fear causes your autonomic nervous system to go immediately into fight or flight mode. Only with an air of detachment, allowing for careful observation and awareness of your surroundings, will you be able to navigate the rapid pace of change which might overwhelm the senses of one who is in resistance and denial.

Change is inevitable. The planet is rising in frequency and so things will be rather chaotic and unsettled for a time as the old rigid control systems and institutions collapse, the darkest secrets are revealed, and the Veil of darkness disspelled forever upon this world… not just for the 1,000 years as advertised in the “holy” books.

Once a portion of humanity really tastes the freedom that is possible, they will never look back upon this former era of darkness with yearning. It will be forgotten, although the lessons learned will be retained in the living memory of the Soul.

We, Earth humanity, are stepping out of the valley of the shadow of death, out of the control by a death cult, out of our own ignorance and naivete and into Christ consciousness, as the Light of the Sun glows from our heart centers.



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