JP: Recovering Stolen seeds from a Tree of Life & activation of a sleeping giant in Iraq

JP: Recovering Stolen seeds from a Tree of Life & activation of a sleeping giant in Iraq

Dr. Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

On the evening of November 1, my US Army source JP told me about another giant in a stasis chamber that had been discovered in Iraq who was a king in ancient times. He explained that there was a significant connection with the giant in the stasis chamber found in Florida, who was also a former king, and JP made a further connection to a third sleeping giant in an underwater city in the Bermuda triangle that he visited in during one of his covert missions in late August 2022.

JP also said that the seeds from a Tree of Life located next to the sleeping giant in Florida, later identified as Ningishzida, which had been stolen from US military control and taken to England on the orders of the new British sovereign, King Charles, had been found and would be returned. The seeds, however, needed to be first taken to Iraq for an activation of the newly discovered giant there.

As was discussed in a previous video, the activation process for the giant in the Florida cave had taken place at the recently completed Galactic Spiritual Informers Connection event in Orlando.

What follows is the recording of the conversation I had with JP on November 1 [starts at 1:45] .

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