SG Anon Interview: He is brilliant, humble, level headed and a voracious researcher.

SG Anon joins us: He is brilliant, humble, level headed and a voracious researcher, 14 November 2022

TruthStream with Joe and Scott

Very honored to have SG anon join us. He is only on Rumble and Truth Social. Here are his links and they are well worth listening to and following.

  • Mid-term controversy vs Trump announcement
  • Commander of Chief?
  • Entering a new phase…
  • Supreme Court decisions?
  • Constitutional crisis
  • Martial law
  • Godfather III reference?
  • Quick resolution
  • Who will put an end to the endless?
  • etc.

Notes to Readers:

I have reservations regarding SG Anon’s statements about “the firmament”, the shape of our “world”, “the Ice Wall”…about 37 minutes in… Make up your own mind, folks. Other than that, his presentation is quite interesting.

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