X22 Report, Ep. 2926, 15 November 2022

Ep. 2926a – The [CB] Is Now Making The Move, Plan Confirmed, Watch Alternative Currencies

The fuel prices are going to start move up rapidly. The [CB]/[WEF] are now pushing their agenda very hard, the people are watching. With the fall of FTX, the [CB] is using it to say Bitcoin is volatile. The Fed and banks are now pushing the CBDC.

CBDC = Central Bank Digital Currency

Ep. 2926b – What Happens If Both Parties Are Corrupt? Put An End To The Endless, Let’s Finish This

The [DS] stole the election, the Republicans (RINOs) helped with the process. The people are angry, the see the election fraud, and more and more people are waking up. The people in Brazil are going through the same thing and they are protesting in large numbers. The people of Arizona want an election redo. Trump is preparing to make an announcement that will go down in the history books; let’s see what happens. 

It’s called the Uniparty – two wings, same bird…

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