X22 Report, Ep. 2927, 16th November 2022

Ep. 2927a – Optics Are Important, The System Will Come Down On The [CB]/Biden Watch

The [DS]/[CB]/[WEF] are now pushing the world into their new system, they have no choice, everything was set in motion during the pandemic. As they push, the economy is going to breakdown and Trump is going to point this out every step of the way. The great awakening also includes the [CB] system and the fiat currency.

Optics = Biden is not Biden…

Ep. 2927b – America’s Comeback Starts Right Now,The Decision On Timing Was Always Left To Trump

Trump made his announcement that he running again, this announcement was for the normies because they didn’t know if he was going to run again. Trump took the temperature of the country and decided to continue with the plan and bring the people to the precipice. Trump let us know that America’s comeback starts right now and the road ahead is going to be very rough, it will be a storm of all storms. The military has always left the decision up to Trump. 

Not enough people are truly awake, yet. They will be when gas/energy prices soar and it’s hard to find groceries and supplies.

As your friends and relatives wake up, be there for them, not with a lecture, but an open heart as they express their confusion. How long did it take for you to wake up? It takes as long as it takes.

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Notes to Readers:

Remember, Patriots of the World, Donald J. Trump is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Last night, just before his speech, the U.S. military and NATO started back-peddling on their accusations that Russia had launched two missiles into Poland territory, hitting a farming village and killing two civilians. Even I, with no military experience (in this lifetime) know that if Russia was planning an attack on Poland or any other NATO country, they wouldn’t stop with two missiles and the target wouldn’t be a farming village. Later, it was revealed that the missiles were from Ukraine, in a false flag attempt to garner support from other NATO nations to launch a retaliatory attack on Russia. Russia has always been the target for the Khazarian Mafia… for hundreds of years. The false flag failed and so will any other attempts… the energies do not support these bottom feeders any more.


P.S. I noticed Dave put these reports up at 4:44…

Tomorrow is November 5th per the Julian calendar…

Raised a Warrior, not a Princess
Precisely, Sarge (ICONS)
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