Derek Johnson breaks down Comms and Optics in CIC Trump’s November 15 Speech

Derek Johnson breaks down Comms and Optics in CIC Trump’s November 15 Speech

Rattle trap

Derek Johnson is an Honorably Retired DV from the United States Army. He is the only person who’s taken the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Law of War Manual, Military Tribunals Handbook, Acts, Executive Orders, United States Codes, Titles, Statutes, Optics, Operations, all in one and each video that outlines the Military Occupancy and Covert Operation being ran by our United States Military and Ally Militaries.

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Note to Readers:

No more sippy cup treatment…


  • America’s comeback starts NOW
  • When I left 3 years ago
  • When I called into action — national
  • Oct 2020 – economy came back
  • I kept my promises
  • Blood in the streets is what democracy looks like
  • Russia, Poland, NATO… Article 5
  • Nuclear war
  • Soon we will be a great nation, again
  • They will see what will happen by 2024
  • Voting will be different
  • Military occupancy
  • Nancy Pelosi has been fired; she’s on her way to another country
  • Massive corruption is what we are facing – identify the enemy
  • I am your Voice – Military occupancy
  • Once out of this ditch… Washington D.C.
  • We will defeat the radical Left
  • Joe Biden is the face of corruption
  • I will ensure JB does not receive 4 more years
  • Washington establishment wants to silence us…
  • etc.

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