X22 Report, Ep. 2928, 17th November 2022

Ep. 2928a – It Has Begun, The Standard Of Living Is Falling, The Economic Precipice

The people are now beginning to feel the pressure of the economy, out in the UK the price of breakfast foods have gone up by 51%. The companies are beginning layoffs and the people are feeling the pain. The [CB] is pushing everything they have, but in the end, the people will push back. 

Ep. 2928b – A Clean House Is Very Important, Harvest Will Be Delivered To The Public For Consumption

 The hunted have now become the hunters, the House is now in the control of the Republican party. They are beginning the investigations, soon the harvest will be delivered to the public for consumption. This has been made possible by cleaning the house, it is very important to have a clean house. The [DS] is now on the defensive and they will do everything and anything to cover up their crimes. We have been fighting a 5th Generation War, most of the people don’t even realize this. 

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