How to Reject ‘The Great Reset’

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How to reject ‘The Great Reset’ by Dr. Simon

Try to fulfil as many points as possible:

 Eat lots of pasture raised local meat, feed bugs to chickens only.

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 Stop eating more than 8g of sugar per day (it makes you addicted and causes inflammation ).

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 Consume alternative and objective media. Learn how to read and interpret scientific studies.

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 Learn one new hard skill per week/month.

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 Drive an older robust car without many electronics.

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 Reject vaccination and CO2 passports, and digital IDs.

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 Be self-sufficient regarding water, food, and electricity.

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 Own your land and farm it…Improve the soil of your land.

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 Insist on your privacy (look into Linux and CalyxOS).

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 Pay with cash, avoid bonus programs.

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 Consider homeschooling to avoid the kids getting brainwashed.

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 Connect with like-minded people.

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 Take responsibility for your own health.

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 Turn off your TV.

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 Continue expressing your opinion. Don’t comply!

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 Exercise more, and reduce your time on social media instead.

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 Buy local products; boycott Nestlé, PepsiCo, Kraft, etc.

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 Practice spirituality of any (positive) kind.

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 Reduce the usage of Google and Meta platforms. They are data leeches and probably know more about yourself than you actually do.

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 Invest part of your money in gold, silver, land etc. Don’t put all your trust in big banks.

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 Support unbiased scientists, doctors and politicians. They need it.

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 Ditch the mask and smile at people. Positive vibes are contagious.

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 Live in dignity.

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Dr. Simon

Note to Readers:

I picked out all the photos from open source.

Regarding the car, I used to own a 1992 Toyota… I wish I still had her. Very basic transportation, but sturdy and took me places where most sedans would fear to tread. 5-speed, nothing automatic.


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