X22 Report, Ep. 2929, 18th November 2022

Ep. 2929a – FTX Scandal Is An Introduction To The [CB] Scandal

The push to bring us into the Green New Deal is not working, the people are not buying what they are selling, people see the lies, all their predictions never came true. The economy is falling apart, layoffs are happening and now the FTX scandal is bringing attention to the [CB].

Ep. 2929b – How Do You Control The Narrative? Old Guard Power Structure Being Destroyed, Trap Set

 The [DS] has been trapped by Trump, Trump made the announcement that he will be running for President, the Rhinos came out of the woodwork, now the [DOJ]/[DS] are pushing to stop Trump from running in the 2024 election. They have now assigned a special counsel to push their agenda. This witch hunt will fail, just like the other witch hunts. The people are not going to take it; the [DS] is trying to make the MAGA supporters angry. They want a civil war, playbook known, countermeasures are in place. 

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