The Cottage Fairy: Rural Life as a Quiet Person

The Cottage Fairy: Rural Life as a Quiet Person

I know that I could build a healthy and happy life in many places, whether I am alone or married – living rural or in the city (or somewhere in between). However, due to work opportunities I ended up in this little wild valley. After settling in, I discovered that the environment suited me. I have learned a lot and continue to surprise myself in the process. I could take these skills and apply them somewhere else if I moved away, so I thought I’d share what my experience has been like, and hopefully hear your stories as well!

Note to Readers:

The region the Cottage Fairy lives in is located near Winthrop, Washington. It’s hot there in the summer, very cold and snowy in the winter. Located on (or near) Hwy. 20, the area attracts a lot of tourists due to its beautiful rugged qualities. As is any rural setting, it is a challenge to make a living and people are independent… or they don’t last.

I’ve gone hiking, backpacking, camping and cross-country skiing in the area and surrounding mountains.

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