Prophets & Patriots – Ep. 42 w/Derek Johnson, Johnny Enlow and Steve Shultz, 11/22/2022

Prophets and Patriots – Episode 42 with Derek Johnson, Johnny Enlow, and Steve Shultz

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Johnny Enlow shares his prophecies… and then Derek Johnson starts in sharing his perspective on Trump’s speech on the 15th… Derek starts in about 10 minutes…

Derek feels that we are nearing the end of the Military Law Manual and will be moving towards the military tribunals. We are under Military Occupancy.

Arrests have already happened…

From Derek – Here are some of the comms given by President Trump:

Never said 2024 paired with verbiage.

You must understand the Military Occupancy Law of War Manual (December 2016), paired with the Constitution, Military Justice Act of 2016, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Federal Resilience Act (December 2020), National Security Act of 1947, 50 United States Code 34, 10 United States Code 12406, 10 United States Code Ch. 1209, Executive Orders 12148, 13848, 13912, 13919, 13959, 13818, 13885, 13961, amongst other things.

They all go together like a blueprint and once you learn those… then you can start picking out Optics and Comms.

Got to listen to how he said “candidacy” and how he laid this out with around:

As Commander-in-Chief

I will ENSURE Joe Biden does not receive four more years (Who’s to say the Democratic Party would pick him?)

Nancy Pelosi (Fired; on her way to another Country = GITMO)

The MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio System)

THE PAUSE (Public Alert: Unregistered Soliciting Entities)

Angela Merkel (150 years = Federal Corporation; White Flag of Surrender = Chapter 12.4 Law of War Manual DIRECT reference)

Help is on the way (MARS; Martial Law / National Guard)

Governors who don’t want our help, we will insist (Martial Law / National Guard)

Gangs and Street Crime will be cleaned out (Martial Law / National Guard)

Quick Trials, Trial in Morning, Execution end of day (Military Tribunals)

But once you understand Optics and Comms, it will click that this is and was NEVER about a 2024 Election.

Everything is precise, concise, and calculated

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Note to Readers:

Derek emphasizes the fact that Military Law is separate and very different than civil law. You cannot plead the 5th; you cannot lie — they already know what you’ve done. Executions are the same day; there are no stays or appeals with military justice, only death or life imprisonment.

Remember, the people who have and will be undergoing military tribunals have committed crimes against humanity. There is no forgiveness for that crime, only justice.

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