SG Anon: White Flag Surrender, Nov. 24, 2022

SG Anon: White Flag Surrender, Nov. 24, 2022

Nicholas Veniamin

Another interview with SG Anon aka QNewsPatriot…

The “white flag surrender” comm was directed towards the Deep State players who live in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany… This comm was announcing the last opportunity for these secretive players to surrender unconditionally to the White Hats. If the offer was not taken, then all remaining enemy forces will be annihilated without mercy. This is an indication that the White Hats are going to wipe out the remainder of those who have not bent the knee and surrendered in good faith. No forgiveness, no mercy for those who have attempted world-wide holocaust through the use of poisonous vaccinations mislabeled as the “cure” for the fake Covid virus.

May I remind everyone that NO virus has ever been isolated. Ever. This is a scientific fact based on numerous studies by real scientists, not politically-motivated psychopaths.

Events are going to move quickly as this next level of the covert war plays out…

Our world will be free. Our skies will be cleansed of the heavy metals that have been sprayed over us for decades. Our waters will be clean to drink, cleansed of the fluoride that was intended to pacify the population. Our food will nourishing as life is restored to the soil and to the animals who lovingly provide us with nourishment. Our minds will be cleared of the miasma caused by the MKUltra mind control programming that has been pushed upon us through media sources. Our children and future generations will be freed from debt slavery and societal conditioning that strove to eliminate our ability to use our critical thinking and to feel our own hearts.

Our connection to Source, Creator will be renewed and we will be as One people, who have learned to work together to free ourselves from what impedes our progress and advancement into fifth density living.

This is the hope and vision that I hold in my Heart. May Source bless us all with Her grace.


Source = supra-consciousness that contains within itself all Matter. We are all a fractal of Source who as Consciousness is exploring the different levels or densities of physiciality that it has created within this Multiverse. It is not a singular being with a beard who sits on a throne.

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