White Hats vs the [DS] Black Hats by Q) The Storm Rider, November 24, 2022

Note to Readers:

The text below is my interpretation of that originally written by Q) The Storm Rider. In my humble opinion, it is easier for people to read, especially for those for whom American English is a 2nd language. If you wish to read the original text, seek out Q) The Storm Rider’s Telegram channel. I am not an intelligence agent, merely presenting this information to assist Anons and Patriots world-wide to better understanding of just where we are standing in this conflict, which has been, largely behind the scenes, underground, and covert. That is all about to change. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically, by being aware, calm, and know that the humanity of Terra will be freed forever once this long battle is ended. Even then, there will be a period wherein all must work together to rebuild a new world. Old systems are being destroyed in order to break the back of the evil control that has had its grip upon the world and its resources for centuries. We are fortunate, indeed, to be witnessing history in the making… although many are still oblivious and encased within the false illusion of the artificial Matrix. It is cracking open and the dark corruption is being exposed through the courageous efforts of many unsung heros. God bless.

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White Hats vs Black Hats

Military general personnel and officer staff of “colonials” are setting up for the opposition of military operations against the current (fake) U.S. President that is about to take place. The Council of National Security knows that Biden is about to act and start military operations against the White Hats portion of the U.S. military. The clock is ticking…

The 200,009 sealed indictments are about to be released (opened). These indictments pertain to those who were involved in:

  • creating 9/11
  • creation of bioweapons at Chapel Hill, U.S.;
  • SARs 11 creations
  • Military treason against a sitting president, Donald J. Trump;
  • Treason by high ranking U.S. officials and several U.S. Presidents (Clinton, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Obama and now, Biden);
  • Human trafficking rings run by U.S. officials, military branches, and commanders, including bases that were connected to the C.I.A. and Clinton’s operations;
  • Several intelligence agencies that have been captured by foreign operations;
  • Several CEOs and high-ranking elites who run Big Tech and Social Media platforms, which colluded with election interference;
  • Weapons trade;
  • Selling of U.S. Oil industry (and other resources) to foreign operators;

This massive number of 200,009 indictments is the connection to fixing U.S. elections by the arresting of all FOREIGN and DOMESTIC agents who conspired in treason, with planned and placed military coups against a sitting U.S. President, namely Donald J. Trump.

We are entering into the thick of the Storm as the [DS] Ukraine war crumbles. The [DS] plandemic is still being exposed. The [DS] world money-laundering scheme is being blocked and exposed. The fall of the world’s Deep State is connected to the Rothschild family’s lost of power (and control) in the European Union, Asia… and now, the focus turns to the U.S. Rockefeller Family, who with the [DS] Central Intelligence Agency killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy (in 1963).

We are coming to the brink of the war against the U.S. military (White Hats) versus the Deep State controlled U.S. Military (30-40% of the military).

It had to be this way.

Military is the only way.

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

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